NZ Champion of Champion Singles

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Districts find, by competition, a person to represent them at the national final.  While sponsored by Trans Tours (1975 to 1978) districts were required to run a separate Trans Tours club event and then a district champion of champions.  In 1979 the requirement to have club events was rescinded.

The event has been sponsored by Henselite from 1986.  All of the districts enter their singles champion who each play four games of twelve ends in section play and require at least two wins and a draw to qualify for post section play.

A Plate Event for non-qualifiers was introduced in 2012.

In 2020 districts were required to find a winner to play-off in eight regional zones  The zone winners compete in a round-robin tournament in the national final.

  Championship Event
1975 Anthony (Tony) Compton Wellington
1976 D Roberts Hawkes Bay
1977 C Hood Manawatu
1978 Ron Dockary North Wellington
1979 A Hewitt Upper Hutt Valley
1980 Keith Waghorn King Country
1981 Ron Inglis Golden Bay-Motueka
1982 Michael Johnston Golden Bay-Motueka
1983 Michael Johnston Golden Bay-Motueka
1984 Basil Rainsford Auckland
1985 Jim Barr North Shore
1986 Ray Sangster North Otago
1987 F Heath Ngauruhoe
1988 R Inglis Golden Bay-Motueka
1989 Murray Bryant Waikato
1990 S Johnson Wanganui
1991 Leon McLennan Canterbury
1992 Trevor Gould Otago
1993 John Zittersteijn North Taranaki
1994 Denis Baker Auckland
1995 Keith Waghorn Manawatu
1996 Kathleen Arvidson Counties
1997 Ellen Frew Counties
1998 Dean Gilshnan Manawatu
1999 Grant l'Ami Otago
2000 Ian Wheeler Auckland
2001 Dale Rayner North Wellington
2002 Paul Jamieson Hutt Valley
2003 Michael Allott Auckland
2004 Mathew Begg Central Otago
2005 Ali Forsyth Nelson
2006 Suzann Burnand Bay of Plenty
2007 Paul Wright Auckland
2008 Garry Flewitt Otago
2009 Joseph Zino Hutt Valley
2010 Mark Keen Southland
2011 Gary Low Southland
2012 Graham Stronach North Wellington
2013 Grant Wilson Ashburton
2014 Daniel French Otago
2015 Ashley Diamond Upper Hutt
2016 Geoff Coughey Tauranga
2017 Ashley Diamond Upper Hutt
2018 Marcus Trlin Hutt Valley
2019 Paul Smith Tauranga
2020 Kyle Waldron North Wellington
2021 Paul Smith Tauranga
2022 Tim Veale Manawatu
2023 Shaun Blackbourn Waikato


  Plate Event
2012 Alex Reed Tauranga
2013 Brendon Kenny Wanganui
2014 Simon Thomas Canterbury
2015 Paul Smith Tauranga
2016 Joseph Zino Hutt Valley
2017 Sharon Peters North Harbour
2018 James Sullivan Upper Hutt
2019 Bruce Meyer Manawatu
2020 Discontinued