NZ Championship - Special Trophies

Summerset Retirement Villages

Truth Cup

Awarded to lady who goes furthest in Open Singles.

1962 Mrs C Walker Auckland
1963 Miss D Wright Waikato
1964 Mrs J Collett Taranaki
1965 Miss D Wright Waikato
1966 Mrs B Gee Canterbury
1967 Mrs A Shaw Auckland
1968 Ola Sullivan Waikato
1969 Mrs P Thompson Southland
1970 Mrs J Pratt Bay of Plenty
1971 Pat Wootten Auckland
1972 Mavis Jackson Southland
1973 Mrs M Haworth Waikato
1974 Mrs S Cruden Waikato
1975 Marj Mackay Manawatu
1976 Mrs S Langridge Bay of Plenty
1977 Mrs M Crook Bay of Plenty
1978 Bryony Immers Canterbury
1979 Mrs K Smith Auckland
1980 Mrs J Tucker Hawkes Bay
1981 Mrs D Rankin Bush Ruahine
1982 Marj Mackay Manawatu
1983 Miss A Hughes Thames Valley
1984 Sadie Middlemiss Waikato
1985 Mrs V Neil Counties
1986 Mrs P Dunbar Canterbury
1987 Mrs J Lambert Hutt Valley
1988 Mrs M Owen Waikato
1989 Mrs N Ellery Tauranga
1990 Linda Miers North Shore
1991 Mrs H Grey North Taranaki
1992 Dale Rayner North Wellington
1993 Mrs L Metcalfe Horowhenua
1994 Mrs G. Tozer North Shore
1995 Brigette Inglis Golden Bay-Motueka
1996 Linda Mills North Shore
1997 Janette Lennon Canterbury
1998 Tapu Vlasveld Roskill & Districts
1999 Kath Arvidson Counties
2000 Suzann Burnand Canterbury
2001 Fiona Wilson Tauranga
2002 Suzann Burnand Canterbury
2003 Diane Ross Northland
2004 Lyn Brittain Northland
2005 Lyn Brittain Northland
2006 Dale Lang North Wellington
2007 Jenny White Canterbury
2008 Lyn Brittain Northland
2009 Suzann Burnand Ashburton
2010 Linda Mills North Harbour
2011 Debbie Reed Tauranga
2012 Karen Cuming Bush Ruahine
2013 Sue Bourne Taranaki
2014 Teri Anderson Waikato
2015 Barbara Reid South Canterbury
2016 Teri Anderson Waikato
2017 Denise Clarkson Hutt Valley
2018 Teri Anderson Waikato
2019 Mary-Anne Tanfield Waikato

 Cliff Thompson Trophy

Awarded to Junior who goes furthest in Open Singles

1981 Ross McCutcheon Waikato
1982 W Eichler Manawatu
1983 Gary Lawson Canterbury
1984 Roger Andrew Counties
1985 Mark Cowan Otago
1986 Miss T May Hawkes Bay
1987 J Taare Bay of Plenty
1988 G Collins Taranaki
1989 S Mitchell Hawkes Bay
1990 A Warena Bay of Plenty
1991 Paul Jamieson Hawkes Bay
1992 Grant l'Ami North Taranaki
1993 C Taylor North Shore
1994 Gary Low Southland
1995 Miss J Barker North Taranaki
1996 Jason Moore Manawatu
1997 Craig Scrivener Northland
1998 Gavin Scrivener Northland
1999 Gavin Scrivener Wanganui
2000 Gavin Scrivener Wanganui
2001 Julia Boyd Hawkes Bay
2002 Jason McAdam Upper Hutt Valley
2003 Kyle Hinton Central Otago
2004 Jeffrey Stuart Wanganui
2005 Patrick Morrison Auckland
2006 Shaun Blackbourn Waikato
2007 Kyle Peters North Harbour
2008 Teri Anderson North Wellington
2009 Teri Anderson North Wellington
2010 Teri Anderson Auckland
2011 Teri Anderson Auckland
2012 Teri Anderson Auckland
2013 Amber McNally Waikato
2014 Aidan Zittersteijn North Taranaki
2015 Matthew Heads Southland
2016 Matthew Heads South Canterbury
2017 Jakeb White Counties
2018 Jakeb White Counties
2019 Kaleb Johnston Nelson

Kath and S.E.N. Smith Trophy

Awarded to Senior who goes furthest in Open Singles

1985 R Croft Hutt Valley
1986 F Perham Canterbury
1987 Mrs B Shaw North Taranaki
1988 G Clark Bay of Plenty
1989 S.E.N. Smith Manukau
1990 F Anderson Manukau
1991 N French North Wellington
1992 J Barr North Shore
1993 Wilmot Oliver Bay of Plenty
1994 Wilmot Oliver Bay of Plenty
1995 C Cash North Taranaki
1996 Sir John Robertson Wellington
1997 Paul Ryan Marlborough
1998 Malcolm Kidd Waikato
1999 Ola Sullivan Waikato
2000 Ivan Lintott Canterbury
2001 Arthur Bettridge Waikato
2002 Blanche Allport North Shore
2003 Marion Thomas Canterbury
2004 Bernard Bennett Tauranga
2005 Barry Hamilton Counties
2006 Betty Eckhardt North Otago
2007 Ian Malcolm Counties
2008 Bernard Bennett Tauranga
2009 Audrey Martin Canterbury
2010 Ian Malcolm Counties
2011 Lindsay Willis North Taranaki
2012 Ian Malcolm Thames Valley
2013 Murray Fraser Canterbury
2014 Lloyd Bellis Nelson
2015 Ray Christensen* South Canterbury
2016 Lloyd Bellis Nelson
2017 Lloyd Bellis Nelson
2018 Alister Wilson North Taranaki
2019 Graham Low Southland

* 2015 was the first year of the Masters, and it was decided that the winner of the Masters Singles was to be awarded the trophy.  After much deliberation, it was decided that for 2016, it was to be changed back to the old rules, of the Senior going the furthest in the Open Singles.

Bob Malcolm Memorial Tray

Awarded to the married couple who go furthest in Open Pairs.

1970 Mr and Mrs L Baker Hutt Valley
1971 Mr and Mrs M Sullivan Waikato
1972 Mr and Mrs T N Austin Canterbury
1973 Mr and Mrs J Walker Waikato
1974 Mr and Mrs R Wootten Auckland
1975 Mr and Mrs J Hook Auckland
1976 Mr and Mrs F Sayer Manawatu
1977 Mr and Mrs K Mulcahy Waikato
1978 Mr and Mrs S Burton Otago
1979 Mr and Mrs R Logan Auckland
1980 Mr and Mrs D C McKee Wellington
1981 Mr and Mrs L Coxhead Taranaki
1982 Ron and Rae Inglis Golden Bay-Motueka
1983 Mr and Mrs B Ruthe Bay of Plenty
1984 Mr and Mrs R Wootten Auckland
1985 Mr and Mrs I Greer Marlborough
1986 Mr and Mrs B Meyer Manawatu
1987 Mr and Mrs F Hudson-Owen Northland
1988 Mr and Mrs I Wheeler Auckland
1989 Ron and Rae Inglis Golden Bay-Motueka
1990 Mr and Mrs K Andrew North Shore
1991 Patrick and Lisa Hoult Upper Hutt Valley
1992 Mr and Mrs C Pilcher Manawatu
1993 Dean and Sheryl Gilshnan Manawatu
1994 Dean and Sheryl Gilshnan Manawatu
1995 Mr and Mrs J Zittersteijn North Taranaki
1996 Wayne and Maria Tough Upper Hutt Valley
1997 Derek and Heather Bowman Poverty Bay-East Coast
1998 Paul and Caroline Berkeley Canterbury
1999 Les and Diane Hazelton Auckland
2000 Theunis and Lorraine Miedema Tauranga
2001 Ray and Maxine Gribble Tauranga
2002 Ron and Rae Inglis Golden Bay / Motueka
2003 Don and Lillian Christini Northland
2004 Lindsay and Beryl Willis North Taranaki
2005 Robbie and Maria Lochrie Manawatu
2006 Alan and Norma Jeffs Canterbury
2007 Kelvin and Elva Simonsen Wairarapa
2008 Keith and Debbie Waghorn Manawatu
2009 Simon and Julie Thomas Canterbury
2010 Derek and Carolyn Cooper South Canterbury
2011 Mike and Raewyn Dempsey North Taranaki
2012 Lindsay and Beryl Willis North Taranaki
2013 Trevor and Lisa Gould Upper Hutt Valley
2014 Kelvin and Elva Simonsen Wairarapa
2015 Craig and Robyn Whiteside Thames Valley
2016 Tim and Peg Jones Thames Valley
2017 John and Jacquie Williams Otago
2018 Shelley and Mark Jacombs Hutt Valley
2019 Matthew and Delwyn Ellis Counties

Glenvale Trophy (renamed Robertson Trophy from 2001)

Awarded to the Open Player of the Tournament

1974 Robert Frelan Waikato
1975 Brian Stewart Auckland
1976 Kevin Boothby Taranaki
1977 Rod Fleming
W McLachlan
South Otago
1978 S.E.N. Smith Auckland
1979 P Troy Waikato
1980 Rod Fleming Auckland
1982 W Bowling North Taranaki
1983 A Hutchins Poverty Bay-East Coast
1984 Rae Inglis Golden Bay-Motueka
1985 Les Hazelton Auckland
1986 Don Christini Northland
1987 Dean Gilshnan
John Meyer
1988 Lloyd Bellis Canterbury
1989 S.E.N. Smith Manukau
1990 Kevin Torrey
Kevin Whitehead
North Shore
North Shore
1991 Robert Frelan Waikato
1992 Barry Kinnaird Auckland
1993 Kevin Whitehead North Shore
1994 Mark Cowan Otago
1995 Murray Bryant Waikato
1996 Stephen Campbell Wellington
1997 Grant l'Ami North Taranaki
1998 Chris Taylor North Shore
1999 Steve Flaszynski North Taranaki
2000 Rae Inglis Golden Bay-Motueka

Robertson Trophy

Awarded to the Open Player of the Tournament

2001 John Frelan Waikato
2002 Grant l'Ami Otago
2003 Bruce Meyer Manawatu
2004 Simon Thomas Canterbury
2005 Graham Low Southland
2006 Brent Biggar Wanganui
2007 John Zittersteijn North Taranaki
2008 Darryn Bell Waikato
2009 Fred Persico Nelson
2010 Paul Psaila
Grant Rayner
North Wellington
2011 Paul Midgley Taranaki
2012 David Archer Waikato
2013 Trevor Gould Upper Hutt Valley
2014 Teri Anderson Waikato
2015 James Sullivan Canterbury
2016 Mike Phipps Tauranga
2017 Richard Caddy Waikato
2018 Grant l'Ami Tauranga
2019 Mike Phipps Tauranga

 Rayner Family Trophy

Awarded to the Masters Player of the Tournament

2017 Henry Pratt Tauranga
2017 Mark Sheard Ashburton
2019 Bronnie Read North Taranaki

Patrons Cup

Awarded to the District with the most points from both Open and Masters Championships.  Two points are awarded fro each win from the round of 32 (i.e. last 16). 

1960 Thames Valley
1961 Manawatu
1962 Canterbury
1963 South Otago
1964 Bay of Plenty
1965 South Otago
1966 Franklin
1967 Canterbury
1968 Canterbury
1969 Horowhenua
1970 Golden Bay-Motueka
1971 South Otago
1972 Taranaki
1973 South Otago
1974 Greymouth
1975 Hokitika
1976 Golden Bay-Motueka
1977 South Otago
1978 North Wellington
1979 Canterbury
1980 Bush Ruahine
1981 King Country
1982 Manukau
1983 King Country
1984 Southland
1985 Manukau
1986 King Country
1987 Canterbury
1988 Auckland
1989 Golden Bay-Motueka
1990 North Wellington
1991 Waikato
1992 Nelson
1993 Canterbury
1994 Wairarapa
1995 Golden Bay-Motueka
1996 Wellington
1997 Hutt Valley
1998 Hutt Valley
1999 Golden Bay-Motueka
2000 Upper Hutt Valley
2001 Otago
2002 Manawatu
2003 Manawatu
2004 Canterbury
2005 North Taranaki
2006 Auckland
2007 Canterbury
2008 Waikato
2009 Canterbury
2010 Waikato
2011 Taranaki
2012 Waikato
2013 Tauranga
2014 Waikato
2015 South Canterbury
2016 Tauranga
2017 Tauranga
2018 Ashburton
2019 Tauranga