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NZIB History

The New Zealand Indoor Bowls Federation was established on 18 September 1948. It's history is one of favorable circumstances leading to meteoric growth in the first years of it's existence, followed by a period of consolidation and now a period when the attraction to other activities requires promotion of the sport to retain it's members.

Our Mission Statement

To facilitate, control and develop the sport of indoor bowls in New Zealand in accordance with members needs, and to provide the opportunity and the access for all New Zealanders to play the sport of indoor bowls to whatever level they aspire to.

If you are looking for a game that can be played socially or competitively, a sport that caters for people with physical disability and a game for any age where males and females compete as equal's this is the sport for you. Enjoy our website and all it has to offer.

Responsibilities of New Zealand Indoor Bowls include;

  • Establishing, implementing and maintaining standards for equipment, laws of the game, and conditions of play.
  • Running national and international tournaments.
  • Representing indoor bowls at other forums.
  • Co-ordinating training of volunteer secretaries, publicity officers, coaches, club captains, and others.
  • Providing discounted equipment to members through bulk purchasing.
  • Providing training and administrative aids.
  • Arbitrating in disputes between members.
  • Promoting Indoor Bowls as "A game for all".
  • Monitoring a coaching structure that benefits all.

NZIB Membership

Membership of the New Zealand Indoor Bowls reached a peak in 1963 with 73,100 registered members. This is a far cry from our registered numbers now, however the sport is now promoted as " A game for all " and a game the whole family can play. Indoor Bowls is actively promoted in schools. The sport is low impact and can provide a clear pathway for competitive people to represent their district, island and country.

New Zealand Indoor Bowls comprises of 37 member district's and 767 clubs covering all of the geographic North and South Island's of New Zealand. The sport is managed by an executive of nine elected by simple vote at an Annual General Meeting. The executive's administrative support services are provided by a paid Executive Officer. There are five Regional Coaches and a newly appointed Marketing and Promotions Manager. Each member District is autonomous, although the National Executive must approve their constitution.

Associate Members

  • New Zealand Blind and Visually Impaired Indoor Bowls Federation
  • Clubs New Zealand Indoor Bowls Association
  • Deaf Indoor Bowls New Zealand
  • New Zealand Special Olympics Foundation
  • NZ Catholic Indoor Bowls Federation

NZIB Pyramid Structure

NZIB Pyramid

Health and Safety

The NZIB Event Health and Safety Plan Template had been distributed to districts and can be adapted for all your events. Those districts who own their hall must also have a plan for your building. Others who play elsewhere should have a copy of the venue plan.

Download template for this important document is available here