Improving members coaching skills

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Regional Coaching

NZIB is dedicated to the need to improve coaching skills for our members.

It is working towards every club and district having a designated coach.

The NZIB has updated the Coaching Manual (November 2012).

A Coaches Feedback

Southland Coach, Peter Carnie conducted a session for near neighbours South Otago in 2019 and the attached document outlines a summary of his observations and recommendations.

Download the document below.

District Coaching

Find your district coach via the District Map on the District and Clubs page.

Download format for Crackerjack Bowls to introduce new players to the sport.

Download a 'Skill Sheet' - an ideal tool for practice sessions. Seven skill building exercises for you to use. Download link below.



NZIB is always interested to hear bowler’s views on the coaching being offered and on how improvements can be made. If any one is interested in pursuing further coaching qualifications with the view to getting more involved in a position of a Regional coach please contact [email protected].

A Coaching Series

The Southland Centre conducted a series of 30-35 minute Coaching Sessions every Monday night during May 2021.  Links to PDF copies of the handouts produced for attendees are available below.

  1. The Draw Shot
  2. Games and Drills
  3. The Run Shot and Measuring
  4. Strategies of the Game
  5. The Top Two Inches