NZ Junior Singles

Summerset Retirement Villages

Districts find, by competition, a Junior Singles Champion to represent them.  The definition of a ‘junior’ has changed since the tournament was first introduced:

1978 - under 20 years of age as at 1st of July in the year of the event;
1979 - under 18 years of age as at 1st of July in the year of the event;
1989 - under 18 years of age as at 31st of December in the year of the event;
1991 - under 18 years of age on the date the event is played on;
1998 - under 18 years of age as at 1st March in the year of the event;
20?? - under 18 years of age as at 31st March in the year of the event.

The event was sponsored by the ANZ Bank from 1978 to 1989.  In 1993 the event was sponsored by JR Carroll and Co and in 1994-1996 Thomas Taylor Bowls.

1978 Michael Johnston Golden Bay-Motueka
1979 Wayne Eichler Manawatu
1980 E Brumby Northland
1981 Wayne Eichler Manawatu
1982 Wayne Eichler Manawatu
1983 Dean Gilshnan Manawatu
1984 S Taare Bay of Plenty
1985 J Taare Bay of Plenty
1986 S Bowden Golden Bay-Motueka
1987 Stephen Campbell Wellington
1988 David Lipsham Manukau
1989 G Collins Taranaki
1990 B Atkinson Hokitika
1991 C Bennett Auckland
1992 William Comer North Otago
1993 William Comer North Otago
1994 Gavin Scrivener Auckland
1995 Steven Zino Wellington
1996 Daniel Hood Northland
1997 Kristina Kenyon Roskill & Dist
1998 Gavin Scrivener Northland
1999 Kurt Thomas Hutt Valley
2000 Jason Myers Auckland
2001 Kyle Hinton Central Otago
2002 Jason McAdam Upper Hutt Valley
2003 Jonathan Sobey North Shore
2004 Anthony Mason Bush Ruahine
2005 Brent Keen Southland
2006 Kristen Gould Otago
2007 Keri Te Tamaki Bay of Plenty
2008 Kerrin Fremlin Auckland
2009 Teri Anderson North Wellington
2010 Craig Millar Thames Valley
2011 Mathew Bassett Ashburton
2012 Stefan Robb North Otago
2013 Trevor Burgess Southland
2014 Jonty Horwell Otago
2015 Aidan Zittersteijn North Taranaki
2016 Jonty Horwell Otago
2017 Matthew Farquhar Bay of Plenty
2018 Kaleb Johnston Nelson
2019 Kaleb Johnston Nelson
2020 Matthew Foster Poverty Bay-East Coast
2021 Nathan Trowell Poverty Bay-East Coast
2022 Jordan Keene Hutt Valley
2023 Hunter Reid Tauranga