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Umpires Model Questions and Answers

NZIB has released a paper that can be studied by people who are wanting to sit the exam to become an umpire, be it at Local or National level.  It contains model questions and answers that may or may not be asked in the exams.  Someone preparing for the exams would be well advised to take note and study what is inside this paper, as it will give them a much higher level of knowledge, thus a higher chance of passing.

Click here to access to Umpires Model Questions and Answers.

Umpires Training Video on NZIB YouTube Channel

In addition, NZIB has now also produced an Umpires Training Video, which is available for viewing from the NZIB YouTube Channel.  This Training Video demonstrates and identifies mat faults that may be encountered during a conventional games of indoor bowls.  The video is also used during Umpires examinations.

Access to the Training Video on YouTube or the NZIB YouTube Channel by selecting the relevant link.