2019 Welch Trophy - First Day

Summerset Retirement Villages
4 September 2019, 17:15


68th Inter-District Indoor Bowls National Final

The North Taranaki Indoor Bowls representatives have made the best start in the 68th Welch Trophy Inter-district Indoor Bowls national final being held at the Pukekohe Cosmopolitan Club from Friday 4th September to Sunday 6th September.

North Taranaki leads with  29  points followed by Auckland 21, Otago 19, Canterbury 15.5, Hutt Valley 13 and Tauranga 10.5.

A win in the fours is worth fours points, pairs three points and singles 2 points with the points halved in the event of a draw.

In the first round of five held on Friday night North Taranaki was the only district to win both games of fours while Tauranga, Hutt Valley, Otago and Auckland won one game each with Canterbury failing to score.

In the singles North Taranaki again lead the way with 12 points followed by Hutt Valley and Otago nine points, Canterbury and Auckland 6 points and Tauranga 2 points.

The pairs saw North Taranaki and Auckland both win three games which took Auckland into second place eight points behind North Taranaki. Canterbury scored 7.5 points, Otago 6, Tauranga 4.5 and Hutt Valley 0.

Players who are unbeaten so far are Mark Ridley, Sean Ridley, Dennis Behrent, and Alister Wilson North Taranaki; Daniel Sinclair, Otago; Rodney Mills and Steve Fisher, Auckland.

Play recommences at 9am Saturday with three sessions of play.