2019 NZ Secondary Schools Championships Preview

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22 August 2019, 17:05


The twelfth New Zealand Secondary Schools Indoor Bowls Championships will be held at North Wellington Indoor Bowls Hall, Onepoto Domain, Titahi Bay, on Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd September following the junior singles championships on Saturday.

The singles has attracted a field of 55 from 25 High Schools and Colleges throughout the country.  There will be a new champion as Matthew Farquhar has left school.  Last year’s silver medalist Kaleb Johnston, Waimea College and bronze medalist Blair Gowan, Feilding High School are in the field.  Strong challenges are expected from Sam Anderson, Horowhenua College, Anthony Ouellet, Tauranga Boys College and Nathan Trowell, Gisborne Boys High School.

The pairs field has attracted 23 entries from 15 schools.  Damon Forster and Bailey Irwin from the Whakatane High School recently won the gold medals at the North Island Secondary School Championships in Tauranga and head the list of contenders along with school mates Dylan Greyvenstein and Vincent Beard who won the silver medals in this event last year.

Singles Entries

Kyah Wihongi, Aotea College, Quentin Turua, Aotea College, Tiffany Wilson, Aurora College, Nikita Blair, Avonside Girls High, Niall Vincer, Botany Downs S College, A J Bond, Feilding High, Blair Gowan, Feilding High, Nathan Trowell, Gisborne Boys High, Aku Keelan, Gisborne Boys High, Sam Landers, Hawera High, Luca Dobson, Hawera High, Sam Anderson, Horowhenua College, Charn Murphy-Eagle, Horowhenua College, Rachel Rickard, Lytton High, Hina Preddy, Lytton High, Braden Sycamore, Lytton High, Kalen Derr, Lytton High, Matthew Adlam, Mount Maunganui College, Michael Burke, Mount Maunganui College, Beth Simpson, Mount Maunganui College, Sarah Burke, Mount Maunganui College, Ben Davies, Mount Maunganui College, Kaden Adlington, Mount Maunganui College, Dylan Blissett, Mountain View High, Tracey Ludeman, Napier Girls High, Jordan Keene, Onslow College, Logan Heppell, Onslow College, Bradyn Popow, Palmerston North Boys High, Jorjye Popow, Palmerston North Girls High, Brayden Riggs, Pukekohe High, Jordan Crosby, Rototuna High, Tannith Potgieter, Samuel Marsden, Whitby, Lilly Paterson, South Otago High, Lachlan Tough, St Patricks College, Jacob Hoult, St Patricks College, Anthony Ouellet, Tauranga Boys College, Simon Wagstaff, Tauranga Boys College, Emma Ryan, Tawa College, Jenelle Ryan, Tawa College, Campbell Anderson, Tawa College, Alexander Shaw, Tawa College, Matthew Tosh, Verdon College, Amee Hope-Johnstone, Verdon College, Kaleb Johnston, Waimea College, Kaea Nepia, Western Heights High, Summit Redpath, Western Heights High, Ceira Paterson, Western Heights High, Matthew Grant, Western Heights High, Deon Hawe, Western Heights High, Damon Forster, Whakatane High, Bailey Irwin, Whakatane High, Dylan Greyvenstein, Whakatane High, Vincent Beard, Whakatane High, Adam Reid, Whakatane High, Conrad Hopkins, Whakatane High.

Pairs Entries

Stephen Prosser/Quentin Turua, Aotea College, Blair Gowan/A J Bond, Feilding High, Nathan Trowell/Aku Keelan, Gisborne Boys High, Sam Landers/Luca Dobson, Hawera High, Sam Anderson/Charn Murphy-Eagle, Horowhenua College, Rachel Rickard/Hina Preddy, Lytton High, Kalen Derr/Braden Sycamore, Lytton High, Matthew Adlam/Michael Burke, Mt Maunganui College, Sarah Burke/Beth Simpson, Mt Maunganui College, Kaden Adlington/Ben Davies, Mt Maunganui College, Georgia Rainey/Victoria Bain, Newlands College, Sierra Bridgeman/Kiera Marcov, Onslow College, Jordan Keene/Logan Heppell, Onslow College, Lachlan Tough/Jacob Hoult, St Patricks College, Anthony Ouellet/Simon Wagstaff, Tauranga Boys College, Emma Ryan/Campbell Anderson, Tawa College, Jenelle Ryan/Alexander Shaw, Tawa College, Summit Redpath/Kaea Nepia, Western Heights High, Mathew Grant/Ceira Paterson, Western Heights High, Verdon College, Damon Forster/Bailey Irwin, Whakatane High, Dylan Greyvenstein/Vincent Beard, Whakatane High, Adam Reid/Conrad Hopkins, Whakatane High.