2019 National Masters Fours Result

Summerset Retirement Villages
2019 National Masters Fours Result
1 September 2019, 11:43


Thames Valley wins Inaugural Summerset Masters Fours

Well known Thames Valley bowler Kevin Boothby skipped his team of Alex Steel, Marilyn Steel and Basil Johnstone to win the inaugural Summerset Masters Fours Championship Title at the Roskill and Districts Hall, New Lynn on Sunday to win the title.

In a different format to other national finals the teams were drawn  prior to the commencement of play, into two sections of four.  The first and second teams in each section after the sectional round-robin, contested  the semi-finals - the winner of section one  played the runner-up in section two and vice-versa.  The winners of the respective semi-finals then played off to determine the winner.

Southland (Graham Low, Brian Hotton, Alan Clark and Jan Low) won section one with Thames Valley second.  Marlborough (Kevin Wills, Kath Gilchrist, Betty Schofield and Ken Jones) won section two with Upper Hutt Valley (Roger Jones, Rob Fuge, Ivan Barr and Mary Holmes) second.

The round robin was played over three rounds.

 In the semifinals Thames Valley bt Marlborough 8-4 and Upper Hutt Valley bt  Southland 11-10.

The final saw Thames Valley beat Upper Hutt Valley 10-5.