Volunteer of the Year

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Volunteer of the Year
3 December 2023, 17:15


Chris has been actively involved in the playing and administration of our sport at all levels in South Otago, and previously in Canterbury and Nelson.  Wherever he is in the South Island, he has always carried on his commitment to indoor bowls.

The South Otago Centre describes Chris as ‘very astute and articulate in management’ and feel very fortunate to have him and his skills on board.

Chris has been a selector and vice president and will commence as President for South Otago in 2024.  He set up the South Otago website and Facebook page and keeps them up to date at all times so that the members are well informed of local and national news.  Chris is also the secretary for the New Zealand Blind and Vision Impaired Indoor Bowls Federation.

Once or twice a week, Chris and his wife will travel up to Dunedin to practice or compete with members of Blind Low Vision NZ as guides.  They also organise fundraising events so that they can attend the annual National Championships over Labour Weekend, where the Otago Blind Indoor Bowling Club is very successful.  A lot of this is due to the enthusiasm and encouragement given by Chris.

Additionally, Chris coaches many Special Olympic players from Timaru South and has restarted the group in Balclutha with the help of other South Otago bowlers.

With an excellent record as a player himself, Chris makes a great coach to new players across all South Otago clubs.  He is always looking at how to keep the game interesting and encourages the Centre to hold tournaments for beginning or social players, as well as games that will give regular bowlers more of a challenge.

Summing it up beautifully, South Otago say "Chris has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that he so willingly shares with members.  His contribution to the sport has been massive and his passion and enthusiasm has never waived.”

Congratulations Chris Moffitt for winning NZIB’s Volunteer of the Year for 2023!