Key Notes from February Executive Meeting

Summerset Retirement Villages
14 February 2022, 17:54


• The Super Weekend will be going ahead, with plans to potentially use an additional venue in order to split numbers.

• NZIB has a meeting with AIBBC on March 23rd to discuss the Trans-Tasman event.  If a date is confirmed for later this year, existing nominations will be automatically considered unless a player chooses to withdraw.  New nominations will also be accepted up to Monday 4th April.

• Plans for the National Championships are ongoing, with the idea that it will go ahead.  Any NZ Government updates moving forward are more likely to make things easier.

• The 2023 Interprovincial event will see the top three tiers playing in Wellington at the same venue and at the same time.  The fourth tier is to be split across the North and South Island and played in central locations.

• The design of the new medals (gold, silver, bronze) are underway.  There will be a different colour ribbon for each event.

   - National Championships, blue
   - Super Finals, red
   - Interprovincial, black
   - Inter Island, green
   - Island Championships, purple

• Certificates will now only be presented to the winners of each event.  Districts can receive a copy upon request.  There will be no certificates issued for the Academy and Masters events.

• Grant Cowie has been enlisted to assist with appications for grants moving forward.