Key Notes from 2021 Annual Meeting

Summerset Retirement Villages
5 December 2021, 18:22

Key Notes from the 2021 Annual Meeting

  • Michael Lawson re-elected as President
  • Roy McCurdy, Waikato and Liz Morrow, King Country join the Executive
  • The 2021 Welch Trophy will be played in Hamilton, September 2022
  • The proposed Inter-provincial Competition has been passed and will commence in 2023.  Paterson Trophy will be played as normal in 2022 and will determine the divisions for the following year
  • It is now 5 points to qualify at the National Championships (draws are no longer played out)
  • Capitation fees - Districts will pay the same amount as this year and for the next three years
  • Rule 14F has been amended.  Players can now walk up the side the mat at any changeover of ends after the bowl has been delivered (as opposed to when the bowl has come to rest)
  • Rule 12G has been amended.  Players can continue to use an approved torch during an end, BUT, whites and other tools have been removed from this rule
  • A proposal on the floor to remove the $100 levy for the 1-5 Year Singles and Pairs players was passed
  • Special Awards: Club of the Year - Hedgehope Bowling Club, Southland; Volunteer of the Year: Delwyn Hughes, Bay of Plenty; Oustanding Services Award: Joy and David Archer, Waikato.  Check out all the details under the ‘Info’ Tab.