COVID Protection Framework Strategy

Summerset Retirement Villages
4 December 2021, 16:49

COVID Protection Framework - NZIB Strategy

Yesterday the Government introduced the COVID Protection Framework (‘Traffic Light System’) and alert levels are now a thing of the past and a new era of the COVID-19 pandemic is set to begin.  This will mean some significant changes for New Zealand Indoor Bowls Incorporated (‘NZIB’) and our sport, at all levels.

NZIB respects an individual’s choice not to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, BUT, it is our responsibility as a National Sporting Organisation to protect the health and well-being of our Indoor Bowls Community, wherever possible.

NZIB is developing a template for the conduct of Indoor Bowls under the new ‘Traffic Light System’, similar to the existing alert level guidelines, and expects this to be made available as soon as is practical.  NZIB has been in regular contact with Sport NZ, seeking clarification, interpretation and impact of the legislation, and as a result, NZIB’s expectation is that competitors, officials and spectators at ALL National competitions from 2022 onwards will be required to provide proof of full vaccination to enable access to these events.

NZIB does not have the right to mandate how districts, sub-associations or clubs conduct their business, BUT, strongly recommends that members, at all levels, give due consideration to the question that arises now that we are in the new ‘Traffic Light System’ - do we allow persons who do not have a My Vaccine Pass to play indoor bowls and use our facilities?  Unfortunately, the implications of any decision, either way, may result in a loss of members.  The reality is that for many this decision will be mandated by the ‘owner’ of your venue - e.g. churches, schools, council-owned facilities.

NZIB advocates for the health and safety of its members and supports a vaccinated indoor bowls community, so that we can protect our membership from COVID-19.  Districts, sub-associations and clubs have the right to decide their own vaccination policy, BUT we do encourage ALL to endorse and adopt the same policy as NZIB, given this is the only way to ensure a safe environment where ‘all’ can continue to enjoy the game of indoor bowls and expand the opportunities for conserving our membership and community under the new system.

Resolution: THAT New Zealand Indoor Bowls Incorporated, after considering the risk assessment relating to vaccinations within our sport and the introduction of the COVID Protection Framework (‘Traffic Light System’), adopts the requirement of using My Vaccine Passes as a condition of attendance at all events run under the jurisdiction of New Zealand Indoor Bowls Incorporated, and as a consequence requires all persons (including, but not restricted to participants, officials, spectators, employees, and volunteers) to be fully vaccinated and be issued with a My Vaccine Pass, unless specifically exempted.  This resolution to take effect from the date of the 2021 Annual General Meeting.

The above resolution was adopted at the NZIB Annual Meeting - a PDF version can be downloaded here.