South Island Championship results

Summerset Retirement Villages
18 April 2019, 12:56

These are just the results of the placegetters. Full results can be found here.


Winner: Ashley Diamond & Hayden Warnes
R/Up: Sheree Holmes & Nigel Warnes
3rd=: Gary & Graham Low
  David Philpott & Bev Diamond



Winner: Gary, Graham & Jan Low & Warwick Grey
R/Up: Grant Wilson, Mat Basset, Chris Moffitt, Alanna Preddy
3rd=: Grant Fortune, Brian Turner, Peter & Elaine Carnie
  Neville, Kylie & Ruth Gould & Debs Ruffell



Winner: Greg Edwards, Dave Watson & Coleen King (GB)
R/Up: Chris Mathews, Rob Osbourne & Neill Inglis (CY)
3rd=: Grant Fortune, Brian Turner & Warwick Gray
  Ashley Diamond, Hayden Warnes & Sheree Holmes (however Sheree left before the semi-final, and a local substitute was brought in - Brendan Higgins)


Players of the Tournament: Gary Low, Graham Low & Warwick Gray