Mixed Pairs & Fours Results

Summerset Retirement Villages
18 April 2017, 12:20

All the zones played their Mixed Pairs & Fours events this weekend. Here is a list of all the winners.

The National Finals will be held in Upper Hutt, on 16-17 September.

Zone Mixed Pairs Mixed Fours
North Is - Northern Auckland:
Colin Williams (s)
Jenny Stockford
Chris Watson (s)
Trudy Watson
Eddie McCarthy
Judy Bethel
North Is - Eastern Poverty Bay:
David Lynn (s)
Lois Lamont
Paul Smith (s)
Mike Phipps
Fiona Keegan
Lorraine Phipps
North Is - Western North Taranaki:
Grant l’Ami (s)
Michelle Watt
Trevor Bourne (s)
Sue Bourne
Arthur Podjursky
Bari Oliver
North Is - South Eastern Wairarapa:
Donald Leighton (s)
Janice Leighton
Bush Ruahine:
Jude Martin (s)
Grant Mainwaring
David Hawkins
Judy Duncan
North Is - Southern North Wellington:
Kyle Waldron (s)
Deborah Crook
Upper Hutt Valley:
Ashley Diamond (s)
Brandon Fuge
Lisa White
Sheree Holmes
South Is - North Western Marlborough:
Ken Wells (s)
Diana North
Lloyd Bellis (s)
Pete Hodson
Kay Forsyth
Rhonda Bellis
South Is - Eastern Ashburton:
Grant Wilson (s)
Chris Talbot
South Canterbury:
Derek Cooper (s)
David Mealings
Carolyn Cooper
Mary Mealings
South Is - Southern Southland:
Graham Low (s)
Jan Low
Daniel French (s)
David Webb
Lyn Rance
Jenny Cowan