NZ Mixed Pairs results

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18 April 2019, 15:50

Upper Hutt Valley have won the New Zealand Mixed Pairs title at Lower Hutt adding to the Mixed Fours they won the previous day.

The winning team, Ashley Diamond and Sheree Holmes, was half of the fours team on Saturday.

The title was decided even before the final round was played, as Southland defaulted from the series and they would have been Upper Hutt's opponents in the final round.

Second place in the Pairs went to the North Taranaki team of Grant and Tania l'Ami , and third went to the Ashburton pair of Simon and Julie Thomas.

Upper Hutt Valley finished on 12 points from five wins and two draws, North Taranaki had five wins and one draw and Ashburton had four wins.

Final Standings: UV 12, NT 11, AS 8, CS 8, WR 6, TG 5, NN 4, SL 0.