NZ Mixed Fours results

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18 April 2016, 15:54

Upper Hutt Valley have won the New Zealand Mixed fours for 2016.
Their team of Ashley Diamond (skip), Brandon Fuge, Lisa White and Sheree Holmes went through the seven rounds unbeaten.

They finished three points ahead of Manawatu in a cliff-hanger final round. Upper Hutt went into it one point ahead of Manawatu and in a dream final-round draw, came up against Manawatu and beat them 8-7.

This was Ashley Diamond's second mixed fours title having previously won in 2011.

The Manawatu team was Tim Veale (skip), Bruce Meyer, Sarah Warrington and Anne-Marie Warrington.

Tauranga finished third. They were represented by Paul Smith, Mike Phipps, Fiona Wilson and Lorraine Smith. Eight districts took part in the Mixed Fours final play-off.

It will be a busy weekend team for Diamond and Holmes who team up again on Sunday in the inaugural Mixed Pairs final. Also playing again in the pairs are Mike and Lorraine Phipps from Tauranga.

Final Standings: UV 14, MN 11, TG 8, GB 6, CO 6, CY 5, NL 3, TA 3.