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18 April 2015, 16:06

Singles winner found

Jonty Horwell from Logan Park High School in Dunedin is the 2015 winner of the New Zealand Secondary Schools Indoor Bowls singles championship.

In the final Horwell beat Jason Gray from Southland Boys High 12- 6. Horwell receives the gold medal and Gray the silver.

Caleb Hope from James Hargest High School, beat Anthony Ouellet, from Tauranga Boys College 9-7 in the playoff for the bronze medal.

Horwell, aged 16, who won the New Zealand Junior Singles last year, is a reserve in Otago's Paterson Trophy team.

In the semi-finals Gray beat Hope 10-5, and Horwell beat Ouellet 8-7.

The plate final saw Matthew Lansdaal from Matamata College defeat Mereani Solomona from Onehunga High 10-8.

Lansdaal beat Daniel Curtis from Feilding High 14-4 in one semi, and Solomona put out Stuart Rayner from Feilding High 8-5 in the other.

Singles Semi-Finals:

Gray 10, Hope 5
Horwell 8, Ouellet 7


Gold Medal: Jonty Horwell (Logan Park High) 12, Silver Medal - Jason Gray (Southland boys) 6

Third Place:

Bronze Medal: Caleb Hope (James Hargest High) 9, 4th place - Anthony Ouellet (Tauranga boys College) 7

PLATE Singles Semi-Finals:

Lansdaal 14, Curtis 4
Solomona 8, Rayner 5


Matthew Lansdaal (Matamata College) 10, Mereani Solomona (Onehunga High School) 8


Cameron and David Ellis from Timaru Boys High School have taken out the pairs at the New

Zealand Secondary Schools Indoor Bowls Championships at Titahi Bay.

They beat Nash Smith and Anthony Ouellet from Tauranga Boys High School 6-5 in the final, to collect the gold medal. Smith and Ouellet received Silver. The bronze medal went to Trevor Burgess and Jason Gray from Southland Boys High School.

In the semi-finals Smith and Ouellet beat Burgess and Gray 11-5, and The Ellises beat Jonty Horwell and Sean Hall (Logan Park) 14-6.

The plate went to Maximo Morrone and Lucas Aukuso (Newlands) who beat Jack Stewart and Tanith Potgeiter (Aotea) 7-6.

In the semis Stewart and Potgeiter beat Jack Walker and Finn Fairbrother (Taita) 11-6, and Morrone and Aukuso beat Dominico Kelekolio and Reece Edgecombe (Aotea) 11-8.


Nash Smith/Anthony Ouellet (Tauranga Boys) 11, Trevor Burgess/ Jason Gray (Southland boys) 5;
Cameron Ellis/ David Ellis (Timaru Boys) 14, Jonty Horwell/ Sean Hall (Logan Park) 6.


Gold Medal - Cameron Ellis/David Ellis (Timaru Boys) 6, Silver Medal - Nash Smith/Anthony Ouellet (Tauranga Boys) 5.

3rd Place:

Bronze Medal - Trevor Burgess/ Jason Gray (Southland Boys) 14, 4th Place Jonty Horwell/ Sean Hall (Logan Park High) 5.

Plate Pairs Semi Finals

Jack Stewart /Tanith Potgeiter (Aotea) 11, Jack Walker/Finn Fairbrother ((Taita) 6;
Maximo Morrone/ Lucas Aukuso (Newlands) 11, Dominic Kelekolio/Reece Edgecombe(Aotea) 8.


Maximo Morrone/ Lucas Aukuso (Newlands) 7, Jack Stewart/ Tanith Potgeiter (Aotea) 6.