North Island Championships

Summerset Retirement Villages
18 April 2015, 16:24

The North Island Championships have been held this weekend and here is the recap of the winners, runners-ups & third equals:

Pairs Winners: Trevor & Sue Bourne from Taranaki
Pairs Runners-Up: Joseph Zino & Mark Jacombs from Hutt Valley
Pairs 3rd Equals: Denise Clarkson & Shelley Jacombs from Hutt Valley, and Alex Reed & Alison Cowan from Tauranga

Fours Winners: Steve Fisher, Linda McCurdy, Warren Freeman & Lee Singer
Fours Runners-ups: Brendon Kenny, Ann Kendrick, Lesley Goodall & Karen Lawrie
Fours 3rd Equals: Mark Jacombs, Shelley Jacombs, Lisa Gould, Denise Clarkson & Alistair Wilson, Ivan Phipps, Elizabeth Morrow, Maureen Newman

Triples Winners: John Zittersteijn, Mark & Sean Ridley
Triples Runners-ups: Ray Bailey, Dennis Behrent & Yvonne Bailey
Triples 3rd Equals: Clinton Hook, Colleen & Alex Riddock, and Maureen & Colin Pruden & Joy Archer