2024 National Inter-Provincial Format

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7 November 2023, 15:42

National Inter-Provincial 2024

The 2024 event will take place over the weekend of 13th - 15th September 2024.

Divisions 1 - 3 will be played at the Ākau Tangi Sports Centre in Wellington.

These three divisions, after the results from the 2023 event, will be:

     - Division 1: Auckland, Waikato, Hutt Valley, Ashburton, Otago, and Southland.
     - Division 2: Counties, Poverty Bay-East Coast, Tauranga, North Taranaki, Manawatu, and Upper Hutt.
     - Division 3: Northland, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki, North Wellington, Canterbury, and Central Otago.

For Divisions 4 North and South, the Executive have looked at several options and believe that for the fairness of travel in both islands, as well as the intention of districts having the opportunity of playing against different districts, and in keeping with the spirt of the event, that we would play in one venue for each of the two islands.  Each of the two Divisions, North and South will have teams drawn into two sections with the sections playing a round robin event.  Then the winners of the sections will play off to find the winner of the Division and for the team to be promoted into Division 3 for 2025.

Division 4 - North will have one section of three teams and one section of four teams.

Division 4 - South will have two sections of four teams.

Both Divisions will play a round robin event where the “A” teams play the other “A” teams, and the “B” teams play the other “B” teams in their section.  This would involve nine games (3 each of Fours, Pairs and Singles) for the sections of four and six games for the section with three teams (2 each of Fours, Pairs and Singles).  The section games will be completed on Saturday.

The two section winners will play off on Sunday morning.  The playoffs will be under the same format with the “A” teams playing against each other and the “B” teams playing each other (1 each of Fours, Pairs, and Singles).  This will mean that the teams cannot be changed between the section event and the play off stage.

Under this format, there will be no requirement for an extra weekend, and we will know by lunchtime on Sunday which Districts have won the respective Division 4 North and Division 4 South.

Division 4 - South will be contested in Christchurch at Canterbury’s Indoor Bowls Stadium.

Division 4 - North is to be played in Taupo at a suitable venue to be determined. Taupo is considered to be the most central location for the seven districts involved.