Waikato's Winning Streak Continues

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Waikato's Winning Streak Continues
16 June 2022, 22:00


It was only two days ago that Linda and Steve Mills claimed their first national title in the Masters Pairs.  Now, they have already added a second to the tally.

Donna Reynolds joined the Mills' at lead for the Masters Triples, and consistently gave them bowls to work with throughout the day.  They narrowly defeated fellow Waikato bowler, Barry Chapman, in their first game of post section, before comfortably moving past the North Taranaki sisters in the last eight.

The local Upper Hutt and North Wellington teams were the final hurdles in the semi and final, however the team of Linda, Steve and Donna were on a roll by this point and emerged as clear winners.

Final results:

Gold - Linda Mills, Steve Mills, Donna Reynolds

Silver - Mark Andersen, Ted Gallen, Chris Roberton

Bronze - George Baker, Roger Jones, Terry Skerten

Bronze - Bruce Dalton, Nigel Parker, Don Harris