National Fours: A Waiwhetu Friendly

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National Fours: A Waiwhetu Friendly
18 June 2022, 18:51


The week has finished how it started with an all Hutt Valley final, and seven of the eight players affiliated to Waiwhetu Indoor Bowling Club.

What an incredible final it was, with all players doing their jobs.  Brett Holden's team made the best start on the scoreboard, but opponent Gary Morgan played a screamer on the 8th end to change the momentum of the game.

Shelley Jacombs' last bowl on the final end was the nail in the coffin, and Holden was unable to reply.  The win sees Shelley win her second national title, again at skip, while Gary, Katie Burnley, and Maree Crighton earn their first.  Maree's husband Kevin was lead in the runner up team of Brett, Denise Clarkson and Lisa White, and naturally, they were over the moon for their Waiwhetu team mates.

Shelley becomes the second woman to skip a winning fours team, and they are also the second team since 1967 to win with three women.  A rare occasion, but a great win for women in sport.

Congratulations also to 3rd equal Ashley Diamond, Hayden Warnes, Sheree Holmes and Nigel Warnes who have had an incredible week, plus Caleb Hope, Mat Bassett, Nick Sinclair and Rochelle Cameron.

A proud week for Hutt Valley Centre.