Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
14 June 2022, 22:04


quoted Linda Mills in her victory speech.  For the past 45 years, winning a national title has been a goal of Linda's.  She has come close on a number of occasions too, but it was yesterday that dream was realised alongside husband Steve Mills in the National Masters Pairs.

They met Hawkes Bay gentleman, Bruce Dalton, in the final who teamed up with fill-in Sandra Henderson.  The two combined well, putting out pre-tournament favourites Fred Persico and Nigel Warnes in the semi, plus strong contenders Barry Chapman and Selwyn Hale in the quarters.  Steve and Linda Mills had decisive wins over Ton Kaan/Joy Torrey, and Roger Jones/George Baker.

The final was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience, who were often captivated by the bowl for bowl action playing out before them.  Fittingly, the scores were locked approaching the last end.  Steve gave Linda every advantage on the crossover, and despite Bruce's best efforts, it was the Mills' bowls that clung on for the win.

Congratulations to all place getters.