Blackbourn Combination Captures Fours Title

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Blackbourn Combination Captures Fours Title
19 June 2021, 21:50

Blackbourn Combination Claims Fours Title

Congratulations to Shaun Blackbourn, James Sullivan, Jeremy Markham and Emma Ludeman for finishing the week with a win in the National Open Fours!

They had a magnificent run, defeating Richard Sturmer, Marcus Trlin, and Gary Low followed by Grant l’Ami in the semi-final.

They met John Williams, David Fenton, Colleen Fenton and Jacquie Williams in the final, and right from the first end spectators were treated to a high standard of bowls.

The scores were level approaching the final end but it was Emma Ludeman’s bowl that held on for shot, and the Blackbourn side claimed the win.

Incredibly, in the last three years, Shaun and James were runner up in the 2019 national fours, won two Island fours, and now the 2021 national fours.

It gives Shaun his second national title in just one week, and James, Jeremy and Emma their first. An awesome win for a great group of friends.