Archers Hit the Target

Summerset Retirement Villages
Archers Hit the Target
16 June 2022, 13:23


Last year we saw the Low family take home the triples trophy, ten years after they'd won it previously.  This year, it was the Archer family who struck gold, ten years after winning the fours together.

Joy requested the lead spot this year, and the change up appeared to work a treat.  All three members of the team were in top form, each contributing to the triumphs on their road to the final.

They overcame a 4-9 deficit in their semi final against Nigel Warnes, Fred Persico, and Richard Verdonk to ultimately win 11-10, while the other semi final saw Ashley Diamond edge out Daniel French, Michael Lawson and Grant Wilson.  Diamond's team was made up of Hayden Warnes on four national titles and Sheree Holmes on two.

Those who watched the final will know that it was an epic battle.  Neither team scored more than a one on any given end, and the final score settled at 6-4 in favour of Dave, Candace, and Joy.  It earns each of them a second national title and how special to achieve it with family.

Congratulations to all medalists.