Summerset Retirement Villages
18 June 2023, 21:30


In August of 2017, Malcolm Trowell skipped a babyfaced team of Matthew Foster, Nathan Trowell and Dylan Foster to a Robieson Fours win; the shield almost double the size of Dylan who was just 11 at the time.

Fast forward to the 2023 National Championships and they are again pictured standing together, a proud family team, only this time they are holding the Stoneham Shield and a national title.

Malcolm now offers his experience and voice of confidence from lead, while Dylan (attending his first Nationals) has stepped up to two.  Matthew has kept his spot at three, and Nathan has capably taken the helm.  They are aged 17, 19, and 18 respectively, and are “stoked” to have pulled off a victory of this magnitude.

For Malcolm, it has been incredibly rewarding to be a huge part of the three youngster’s ongoing success, who have already been recognised at Paterson and Island level.  He credits their natural talent, the way in which they conduct themselves on and off the mat, and the unwavering support from family and Poverty Bay stalwarts.

The Trowell and Foster combination defeated Gary Low, Graham Low, Warwick Gray and Jan Low 10-8 in the final - another family team who have shared many a success story - and the semi finalists were Waikato entries, Shaun Blackbourn/James Sullivan/Emma Ludeman/Tracey Ludeman and Keith Setter/Wayne Baker/Annelies Baker/David Lynn.

A hearty congratulations to all involved.

Access the full results here: https://docs.google.com/.../1gnPrOzvlRla2hBz5degIBjv.../edit