NZ Mixed Pairs

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NZ Mixed Pairs
14 September 2022, 08:50


John Whiting and Jenelle Lockyer are still wrapping their heads around the weekend they have just had.  As if working a Friday night shift before a national event wasn't challenge enough, John and Jenelle were also met with a copious amount of fog at the airport in the early hours of the morning, leaving them to sit on the tarmac for a few hours before take off.

Between the minimal sleep, delays, and steep competition, winning a national title would seem unlikely.  However, the Timaru - South Canterbury pair surprised themselves by not only finishing top of the table, but finishing undefeated.

Ashley Diamond and Sheree Holmes gave a commendable effort in defending their title from earlier this year.  Five wins and a draw secured them a silver medal, while Paul and Carol Wright added a bronze to their record.

It was a good thing the bowls were smooth sailing for John and Jenelle as they encountered the same troubles on their travels home.  Fog turned their plane back to Christchurch, and to get home required a two hour bus ride!  What a weekend.  What a story.  What an achievement.