2021 NZ Mixed Fours

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2021 NZ Mixed Fours
25 April 2022, 11:31


From start to finish, the Mixed Fours representatives of Southland and North Wellington mirrored one another’s results.  Both teams began with a loss, to King Country and Hawkes Bay respectively, before following it up with five consecutive wins.

It was only fitting that the two best performing teams met in the last game, effectively creating the feel of a final despite the round robin format.  Emotions ran high throughout this game, particularly on the last end with Southland just one point ahead.

While North Wellington held shot for a draw, it soon became clear that the countback of ends would favour the Southland side, so a second shot was needed.  After much deliberation, Grant Rayner delivered a bomb to now hold two for the win.  Unfazed by the pressure though, Graham Low replaced the second shot with his own, resulting in a draw but ultimately claiming the title.  Three and a half ends was all that separated the two teams.

Graham and Jan Low add the NZ Mixed Fours to their already impressive national record, while Joanne Wilson and Ewan Tosh achieve their first National title.

Ewan was not in the team initially, but slotted into lead when Mat Black Gary Low pulled out on Thursday due to COVID.  The win was dedicated to Peter Carnie, Joanne’s brother, who said he is “absolutely thrilled to bits” for her and the team.

Congratulations Southland on an incredibly special win, and well done to North Wellington and the other Centres on a hard-fought tournament.