2020 Mixed Pairs and Henselite Zone Finals

Summerset Retirement Villages
24 August 2020, 19:55

Bowlers in the Zone

Before the weekend there were ample bowlers with their sights set on a ticket to Masterton for the national finals.  Within a day or two, those numbers have been slashed to just one representative per zone.

Thanks to the efforts of publicity officers over the weekend, bowlers around the country were kept up to date, following what looked like dominant performances, countbacks, upsets and everything in between.

North Wellington’s Kyle Waldron will be the only player competing in both the Henselite Singles and Mixed Pairs after surviving a tough Zone Five, while Otago also had a successful weekend.  Daniel French will once again represent them in the singles, and Hugh Bosman and Clare Stedman in the mixed pairs.

As a whole, the field is shaping up to be a competitive one which hopefully Zone One can add to if Auckland moves into Level Two.  The Henselite Singles and Mixed Pairs will be played in Masterton on September 19th and 20th.

Check out the list of zone winners here:


Zone 2 – Nathan Trowell (Poverty Bay)

Zone 3 – Les Heywood (Wanganui)

Zone 4 – Tim Veale (Manawatu)

Zone 5 – Kyle Waldron (North Wellington)

Zone 6 – Brian Booker (Marlborough)

Zone 7 – Ken Mackenzie (Ashburton)

Zone 8 – Daniel French (Otago)


Zone 2 – Teri Anderson and Richard Caddy (Waikato)

Zone 3 – Ali Wilson and Bronnie Read (North Taranaki)

Zone 4 – Michael Brown and Tina Sinclair (Hawkes Bay)

Zone 5 – Kyle Waldron and Anjela Frost (North Wellington)

Zone 6 – Gavin Griffiths and Marg Milne (Buller)

Zone 7 – Kylie Gould and Gary Ashby (Canterbury)

Zone 8 – Hugh Bosman and Clare Stedman (Otago)