Henselite Trophy 2017

Summerset Retirement Villages
12 April 2019, 12:14

The NZ Mat Blacks have won the Trans-Tasman International Indoor Bowls Test Match 41-25 to retain the Henselite Trophy in Sydney.

The final day saw New Zealand win the Men’s and Women’s Singles, Women’s Fours and Mixed Fours in the morning session and in the afternoon they won the Men’s Pairs, Men’s Triples and Women’s Triples. Australia won the Men’s Fours in the morning and the Women’s Pairs in the afternoon. The Mixed 6-Bowl Pairs were drawn.

Australasian medals were decided with New Zealand winning the Men’s Singles, Pairs and Triples, Women’s Fours, Mixed Fours, Mixed 8-Bowl Pairs, and Mixed 6-Bowl Pairs while Australia won the Women’s Singles, Pairs and Triples and Men’s Fours.

In an exciting last session Grant Rayner and Teri Anderson drew the Mixed 6-Bowl Pairs when Rayner got the shot with his last bowl. This gave them the Australasian Medal on a countback of scores 62 shots to 55 shots.

This meant that all of the Mat Blacks won at least one medal. Ashley Diamond, Grant l’Ami and Paul Smith won both of their disciplines.


Day 1: New Zealand 12, Australia 10

Day 2: New Zealand 12, Australia 10

Day 3: New Zealand 17, Australia 5

Aggregate: New Zealand 41, Australia 25

Results: NZ Names first (Australasian Medals decided in brackets)

Men’s Singles: Ashley Diamond (NZ) bt George Draffen (Aus) 24-23, 29-18, 28-12 (NZ);

Women’s Singles: Teri Anderson (NZ) lost Jodie Jones (Aus) 21-22, 22-24, 25-15 (AUS);

Men’s Fours: Simon Thomas (s), Gary Low, Grant Rayner, Daniel French (NZ) lost Tony Simpson (s), Simon Zaporozec, Kyle French, Hayden Weir (Aus) 10-22, 12-13, 18-27 (AUS);

Women’s Fours: Lois Randall (s), Linda McCurdy, Sheree Holmes, Denise Clarkson (NZ) beat Monika Korn (s), Anne Draffen, Julie Zaporozec, Meredith Norton 8-18, 19-11, 34-10 (NZ);

Mixed Fours: Grant l’Ami (s), Paul Smith, Fiona Keegan, Suzanne Mackie (NZ) bt David Blyth (s), Ian Ogilvie, Carmel Blyth, Barbara Hill (Aus) 23-7, 13-11, 17-13 (NZ)

Men’s Pairs: Grant l‘Ami (s), Paul Smith (NZ) bt Tony Simpson (s), Simon Zaporozec (Aus) 16-15 25-23, 22-10 (NZ);

Women’s Pairs: Fiona Keegan (s), Suzanne Mackie (NZ) lost Monika Korn (s), Anne Draffen (Aus) 7-29, 12-14, 19-20 (AUS);

Mixed 8-Bowl Pairs: Ashley Diamond (s), Sheree Holmes (NZ) bt David Blyth (s), Carmel Blyth (Aus) 32-11, 22-12, 19-17 (NZ);

Mixed 6-Bowl Pairs: Grant Rayner (s), Teri Anderson (NZ) drew Ian Ogilvie (s), Jodie Jones (Aus) 25-14, 20-24, 17-17 (NZ on a countback);

Men’s Triples: Simon Thomas (s), Gary Low, Daniel French (NZ) bt Kyle French (s), George Draffen, Hayden Weir (Aus) 24-15, 27-19, 26-20 (NZ);

Women’s Triples: Lois Randall (s), Linda McCurdy, Denise Clarkson (NZ) lost Julie Zaporozec (s), Meredith Norton, Barbara Hill (Aus) 18-25, 15-17, 21-14 (AUS).