Kevin Eddy Memorial Trophy Stays North

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Kevin Eddy Memorial Trophy Stays North
6 August 2023, 09:11

𝗡𝗢𝗥𝗧𝗛 𝗩𝗦 𝗦𝗢𝗨𝗧𝗛 | 𝟮𝟴 - 𝟮𝟬

The Kevin Eddy Memorial Trophy will be staying in the North Island another year. 

Despite the South making the best start in round one, their 10-6 lead was quickly cut short.  The North asserted themselves in round two, winning all but one game to catapult into the lead, 20-12. 

Six of the eight disciplines had reversed their first game results, which meant six of the eight medals were still to play for - although the North just needed to add a further 2.5 wins to the board to secure the trophy. 

It was one apiece following the singles matches, where Marcus Trlin joined the women’s pairs and women’s fours in locking in a medal for the North, and Keri Te Tamaki claimed the first of two medals for the South. 
With both pairs games won by the South in the final round and scoreboards largely favouring them in the remaining matches, the North was under a little bit of pressure.  Undeterred, the men’s and women’s triples dug deep to win the required games before a win in the men’s fours extended the overall margin to read 28-20. 

This victory marks an impressive 20 year winning streak for the North Island.  Congratulations! 

Full results: (North Island names first – individual medal winners in bold)


Singles:  Annelies Baker (WK) lost to Keri Te Tamaki (OT) - 23-15, 19-20, 17-18

Pairs:     Jess Moffat (NW), Maria Tough (UH) defeated Katrina Wealleans (AS), Wanda Peters (CY) - 31-9, 18-17,14-16

Triples:  Linda McCurdy (WK), Lesley Monk (WK), Candace Andrew (WK) defeated Alanna Moffitt (SO), Christine Langley (SL), Jan Low (SL) - 13-25, 17-14, 19-18

Fours:    Shelley Jacombs (HV), Denise Clarkson (HV), Rochelle Cameron (CS), Lisa Gould (UH) defeated Kylie Gould (CY), Suzanne Mackie (SL), Jane Wintringham (SO), Rowena Mackenzie (AS) - 23-11, 20-16, 11-19


Singles:  Marcus Trlin (HV) defeated Daniel French (OT) - 16-19, 17-10, 20-18

Pairs:     Alex Reed (WK), Matthew Farquhar (WK) lost to Gary Low (SL), Graham Low (SL) - 12-18, 13-12, 21-23

Triples:  Paul Smith (TG), Tim Veale (MN), Nathan Trowell (AK) defeated Brandon Williams (OT), Hayden Warnes (GB), Matthew Bassett (AS) - 17-18, 26-17, 18-14

Fours:    Shaun Blackbourn (WK), Paul Wright (AK), Ali Wilson (NT), Matthew Foster (PB) defeated Simon Thomas (AS), Michael Lawson (AS), James Sullivan (CY), Shane Bell (CY) - 14-19, 21-10, 17-14