Northern Academy Successfully Defends Title

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Northern Academy Successfully Defends Title
16 June 2021, 17:08

Northern Academy Successfully Defends Title

The Northern Zone Academy team successfully defended their 2019 win this year, albeit narrowly after an incredible fight back from the Southern Zone.

Rounds one and two favoured the North 10-6, but round 3 looked to be dominated by the South at the halfway mark.  They were able to pull off an 11-5 score but it wasn’t quite enough to give them the winning edge.

Matthew Farquhar lead the way with a win in the men’s singles every round; 17-7, 11-9 and 20-2.  This was backed up by the men’s triples team of Trevor Eccles, Jakeb White and Matthew Burke who secured two wins and a draw.

Kristen Gould and Matthew Day performed well for the Southern Zone men’s pairs, collecting three wins 8-5, 12-4 and 11-6.

Congratulations North!

View the full results hereon the ‘Live Scoreboard’ page.