Sport NZ Financial Assistance

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7 May 2020, 00:02


Greetings Everyone.

Today, Thursday 7th May 2020, Sport NZ announced availability of a financial package to provide short-term relief for organisations at all levels of sport and active recreation.

The funds which are available to all Indoor Bowls Clubs and Districts is known as the Community Resilience Fund.  The funds will be administered by the respective Regional Sports Trusts who will use their existing contestable fund systems to distribute the money to the community.

Under the Community Resilience Fund criteria, Clubs and Districts affiliated with New Zealand Indoor Bowls will be able to submit applications.  Clubs will be able to apply for up to $1,000 while District Associations/Centres can apply for up to $40,000.  Applications will be provided to help cover fixed administration costs resulting in financial hardship, incurred during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Copies of the Press Release, Factsheet and FAQ’s are shared here for your information.

Applications can be made through your local Regional Sports Trust and will be available from next Monday.

We encourage you to take advantage of this generous offer of support from SportNZ to lessen any potential financial shortfall during the 2020 season.

Press Release available here.

Factsheet available here.

FAQ’s available here.