Guidelines for Districts/Clubs During Coronavirus Pandemic

Summerset Retirement Villages
19 March 2020, 14:43

Guidelines for all Indoor Bowls Districts/Centres/Clubs re Covid-19


If you are holding a club night or competition…no more than 100 people please:

• Push back your opening date as much as possible

• Look at your events and play those that are needed in the first few weeks

• Don’t play district events at night where possible, weekend play will help you keep the venue warm and have windows open.

• Reduce the amount of club nights, only play every second night.

• PLEASE STAY AWAY if you have travelled overseas or been in contact with others that have.

• PLEASE STAY AWAY if you are feeling sick especially with the flu.

• Wash your hands regularly.

• Cough/Sneeze into your elbow.

• Get some wipes and have around the hall for players to clean their hands between games.

• Have masks available for your players.

• Stop putting the next person’s bowl into the square (reduce the amount of contact).

• Our younger members (those not in a higher risk bracket) need to step up and help run events.

• Stop using a whistle and find a bell or even just have someone call “Time”.

• On warm days – open up as many windows and doors.

• For events we need to be open around late withdrawals due to ill players.  If a team shows up and is a player short, then have a plan in place to allow them to still play.

• Have a break between every game that allows players go outside and/or to wash their hands.


• Use more space between the mats.

• Keep a list of everyone present so that, if something does happen, you are able to contact everyone straight away.


Download a PDF version of this notice here.