Coronavirus/Covid-19 - Update 26/8/2020

Summerset Retirement Villages
26 August 2020, 15:43


Greetings Fellow Indoor Bowlers

While we have recently enjoyed a period of ‘normality’ and been able to return to active participation in our chosen sport the anticipated, but unwelcome, resurgence of the Covid-19 virus has resulted in a return to Alert Level 3 in the Auckland area and Alert Level 2 for the rest of New Zealand.  This week the NZ Government announced that Auckland would remain at Alert Level 3 until midnight on Sunday 30 August when they would also move to Alert Level 2, but with restrictions.

Once Auckland moves to Alert Level 2, there remains a limit on the number who may gather for active recreation and sport throughout the country - Auckland area events are restricted to a maximum of 10 (or in open spaces multiple groups of 10 if they are kept separate at all times) and for everywhere else a maximum of 100 people.  These limits include all players, officials and spectators but the size of the venue may dictate the number involved.  Districts are requested to adopt a responsible approach with the conduct of all events.

To assist Districts and Clubs with their decision to resuming or continuing with indoor bowls activities your Executive has published a revised set of Guidelines for Playing at Alert Level 2 and these are available on the website.  While any decision to play indoor bowls will be at the discretion of the District and/or Club it is imperative that public health measures and these NZIB Guidelines are applied consistently to ensure a controlled environment and reduce the risks for community transmission.

The Guidelines include ‘Mandatory Conditions’ which must be adhered to for all events.  The ‘NZIB Recommendations’ and ‘NZIB Suggestions for Play’ are just that, suggestions and recommendations.  Districts may adopt any or all of these ideas depending on the levels of community transmission in their area - applying any or all of the suggestions/recommendations may also depend on whether a District is moving up or down Alert Levels and after determining the level of risk in their community.

Again we thank you for your understanding, support and co-operation during these unprecedented times.  We appreciate your feedback about the numerous ways in which you have kept in contact with your membership over this challenging period…. our congratulations.  

Keep safe, be kind and stay connected!


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