Coronavirus/Covid-19 - Update 23/3/2020

Summerset Retirement Villages
23 March 2020, 15:11


Good morning everyone.

Following on from our previous update, there have been more developments over the weekend around COVID-19.

In brief the Government and the Ministry of Health raised the alert from level one to level two and one of the new conditions was "high risk people i.e. those over 70 or with medical conditions advised to stay home" There is a good chance that the alert level may go to level 3 or level 4 within the next few days.

The Executive have met and inform you that effective from 23 March, NZIB is strongly recommending you cancel events and close Clubs/Centre owned facilities until at least 2 May 2020.

While we appreciate that this decision will have significant impact, of paramount importance to us is the health of our members and the communities that indoor bowls serve. 

With reference to the planned Roadshows, these have been put on hold and Kevin will be in direct contact with those Districts that registered. 

Please note that the National Umpires Examinations for early May have been postponed.

We encourage you to keep yourself informed through the media, by accessing the Ministry of Health  or go to their dedicated Healthline Covid 19 number 0800 358 5453.  

Please also refer to our guidelines on our website       

Over this period, we encourage you to look after your fellow bowlers, in particular those that may be living alone.  Keep in contact via email, phone, txt and if you are able to make food deliveries let it be known.  

Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation, please stay safe and look out for each other.     

NZIB Executive

Download a PDF version of this notice here