Coronavirus/Covid-19 - Update 14/5/2020

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14 May 2020, 09:16


Greetings Fellow Indoor Bowlers

Excellent news this week with the announcement from the NZ Government that we are effectively moving out of ‘lockdown’ to a level of ‘normality’ that is more acceptable to us all.  Alongside the number of restrictions that still prevail comes the news that we are able to return to active sports and recreation, albeit, with limits on participation numbers.

NO RUSH!  Your Executive recommends that Districts and Clubs should adopt a cautious approach when making any decisions for resuming indoor bowls activities.  Moving too early may give a false impression that ‘normal’ services have resumed BUT they have not!  Currently the number of people who can attend any indoor bowls event is limited to 10.  This limit will be the subject of regular reviews, the next being on 25 May.

To assist Districts and Clubs with their decision to resume indoor bowls activities your Executive has published a set of Guidelines for Playing at Alert Level 2 and these are available on this website.  While any decision to resume indoor bowls will be at the discretion of the District and/or Club it is imperative that public health measures and these NZIB Guidelines are applied consistently to ensure a controlled environment and reduce the risks for community transmission.


The recent Executive meeting considered the implications of public health measures, in particular, ‘physical distancing’ and accepted the prudent decision was to cancel the Mixed Fours, Masters Fours, Paterson Trophy and Welch Trophy events for 2020.

The meeting also agreed that all practical steps would be taken to ensure events including, Mixed Pairs, Junior Singles, 1-5 Year Pairs, Henselite Ch. of Ch. Singles and North-South Inter-Island remain on the schedule but in all probability would need to be delayed until later in the year.

Again we thank you for your understanding, support and co-operation over the lockdown period. We appreciate your feedback about the numerous ways in which you have kept in contact with your membership over this challenging period…. our congratulations.

Keep safe, be kind and stay connected!


NZIB Guidelines:

Sport NZ

Ministry of Health:


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