2020 Season Update

Summerset Retirement Villages
18 August 2020, 14:49

2020 Season Update

With the resurgence of Covid-19 and the Level 3 lockdown occurring in Auckland the Executive would like to reassure all Districts and Centres that all events planned for 2020 season are proceeding at this stage.

NZ Junior Singles Saturday 29th August:
Everyone should have their flight details by now and been sent tickets if NZIB has booked them.  Further details on playing times, accommodation and transfers should be to all participants early this week.

NZ Secondary School Singles and Pairs Sunday 30th and Monday 31st August:
This is a joint event with New Zealand Secondary Schools and a message with a request for clarification was sent to them on Thursday.  A follow up call will be made Monday morning for direction on this event, but at this stage we have not been advised to cancel.

NZ 1-5 Year Pairs 5th September:
Flights will be booked in the coming days for those that have requested them.   Further details for players will be sent later this week.

Henselite Champion of Champion Singles and Mixed Pairs:
To date we have not been advised of any players competing in both the Singles and the Mixed Pairs so these events may be able to be played concurrently.  However they will proceed on the weekend of 19th and 20th September.  Zone finals to be played 22nd and 23rd August.  At this stage there has been no indication that Wairarapa are not happy to still host the events.  Zone 1 will be given dispensation to send entries after 25th August if required due to Auckland’s lockdown.

North vs South:
Nominations close 20th August, 2020

Recommendations from the Executive for all games:

- Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly

- Try and maintain your 1 metre distance - spread the mats out

- Masks will be available at all Nationals events if required and should be available for zone finals

- If you feel at all unwell, please stay at home

- All districts are expected to act responsibly please.

Message to all District and Zone  Secretaries:
While under Covid restrictions mail is being collected and delivered to the National Office from the PO Box only once a week.  Please ensure that you scan and email all your entries to me rather than posting them as they may not reach us in time if they are posted.  Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Thanks and good luck for all the Zone finals this week.