Waikato Triple Win 2019 South Island Title

Summerset Retirement Villages
3 June 2019, 14:26

The Waikato Triple of David Archer, Shaun Blackbourn and Joy Archer from the St Andrews Club, Hamilton won the South Island Championship Triples at the CIBA Hall on Monday.

This was Blackbourn and Joy Archer's second Island Title in a row having won the North Island Pairs last year. It was David Archer's first.
In the final they defeated Daniel French, Alex Reed and Colin Williams, Wakari Club, Otago 10-9.

To reach the final Archer beat Chris Matthews, Rob Osborne, Shaun Osborne, Woolston Club Canterbury 8-7 while French beat Steve Fisher, Avon Compton, Nicole Singer, Hornby, Canterbury 12-4.

The Badgemakers Trophy for the player of the tournament was a three way tie between Shaun Blackbourn, Joy Archer and Daniel French. French also won this Trophy last year at the North Island Championships.