Annual Meeting - Forum A Better Way Forward

Summerset Retirement Villages
3 December 2019, 15:42

NZIB Consultant Kevin Wilson challenged delegates at the Annual Meeting in a forum presentation to motivate a change for the future of indoor bowls.  Delegates were presented information and tools to assist with a necessary change in mindset and to identify what is working well, what must change, insights, the s of difference Indoor Bowls has to offer, what NZIB is doing and going to do, and Districts and Clubs relations.

Kevin touched on the upcoming ‘Travelling Roadshow’ – a series of workshops that will be visiting all Districts in 2020.  All members of a District will be invited to participate in a session that would serve to grow capability, utilising the district/club toolkit, energise and inspire the Indoor Bowls Community to do it differently and better and at the same time build relationships with NZIB, Districts and Clubs.

A copy of Kevin’s presentation is available here.