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Academy Challenge Event & Northern versus Southern Zone Masters
North & South Island Teams 2017 - North Island to tour South Island

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A 48 year old arbourist Wayne Baker from the South City Club in Tauranga won the 68th National Indoor Bowls Open Singles Championship at the Taupo Events Centre, Taupo on Sunday.

In the final he defeated Steve Fisher from the Portage Club, Auckland 13-5 over 12 ends.

This was Baker's second title. It is 26 years since he won his first when he combined with his brother Darren to win the pairs as a 23 year old in 1991. He was a North Island representative in 1990 and 1999 and was named in the North Island Academy team 2015. He has two Welch Trophy Titles from 1991 and 1997 playing for Waikato.

The final saw Baker play clinical consistent draw bowls. He led 10-3 after 8 ends and Fisher conceded the match 13-5 after 11 ends.

In the semifinal Baker defeated Daniel French, Otago 11-9. This was an exciting match with the scores 5-5 after six ends and 9-9 after eleven ends of the 12 end game. On the final end French held shot and Baker ran at the head and removed the shot bowl and was holding two shots for the win. French with his last bowl was too wide and heavy Baker winning 11-9.

In the other semifinal Fisher also had a tight tussle with Cameron McKay, Bush Ruahine. He led 8-4 after eight ends but then McKay scored three singles to trail 7-8 going into the final end. On this end Fisher scored one to clinch the win 9-7.

The defending champion Ashley Diamond, Upper Hutt Valley was eliminated in the last 64 by Sean Ridley from North Taranaki.

The winner of the Truth Cup that is awarded to the woman who progresses the farthest in the singles went to New Zealand representative Denise Clarkson, Hutt Valley after a playoff was required to decide the winner. Three women were eliminated in the last 16, Elaine Carnie SL, Lisa Gould, UV and Denise Clarkson, HV.

The Kath and Sen Smith Trophy which is awarded to the senior player in the Open Singles over the age of 65 who progresses the farthest went to Nelson's Lloyd Bellis for the fourth successive year.

Jakeb White from the St Pats Club, Counties won the Cliff Thompson Trophy for the best junior player under the age of 18 in the singles.

The Masters Singles was won by Brian Hotton, North Invercargill Club, Southland. He defeated Lorraine Miedema 14-8 in the final over 12 ends.

In the semifinals Miedema defeated Gordon Hamilton, Tauranga 12-6 and Brian Hotton defeated Bill Martin, Thames Valley 13-7.

315 players contested the Open Singles and 200 players the Masters Singles. 124 qualified in the Open Singles and 76 in the Masters Singles for post section play.

- Delwyn Hughes, Publicity Officer

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Wright and Caddy win Open Pairs and Clement and Hood win Masters Pairs

Paul Wright and Richard Caddy from the St Andrews Club, Waikato lived up to their potential by winning the Open Pairs title at the 68th National Indoor Bowls Championships at the Taupo Events Centre on Tuesday while Barry Clement and Moyra Hood from Papamoa Sports, Tauranga won the Masters Pairs title

Wright and Caddy defeated Paul Smith and Geoff Coughey from the Papamoa Sports Club, Tauranga 11-5 in the final over 10 ends.

They were runners-up in this event in 2015. Wright was runner-up in the singles last year and won the NZ Champion of Champion Singles in 2007. He is a North Island representative and is a former NZ representative. Caddy was third equal in the singles in 2015 and is a former North Island representative. He is in the North Island Academy team that is to play the South Island on Wednesday.

In the Masters final Barry Clement the skip who was runner-up in the National Singles in 2013 combined with Moyra Hood to defeat Don and Janice Leighton, Wairarapa 11-3.

In the semifinals Wright defeated Ashley Diamond and Sheree Holmes, Upper Hutt Valley 16-9 and Smith defeated Hayden Warnes and Jonathan Fenemor, Golden Bay-Motueka 12-5.

The Masters semifinals saw Clement defeat Grant Hammond and June Wiley, St Pius Club, Tauranga 11-3 while Leighton defeated Martin and Jenny Nordqvist, Ashburton 11-2.

The final of the Open Pairs was an exciting game with Smith leading 4-2 after five ends. However a four to the Waikato pair on the sixth end turned the game and although Smith scored a single on the seventh end Wright scored a single and two twos to wrap up the final 11-5.

The Bob Malcolm Memorial Trophy for the best married couple in the Open Pairs was won by John and Jacquie Williams, Wakari Club, Otago.

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It was going to be a Golden Day at the 68th National Indoor Bowls Championships at the Taupo Events Centre even before the finals began.

Three players were vying to win Gold Stars with Nigel Warnes, Golden Bay-Motueka in one team and Teri Anderson and Paul Psaila, Auckland in the other. Warnes and Anderson had four titles and Psaila nine.

And on top of all that there were Golden Bay-Motueka teams in both the Open and Masters Events.

After enthralling finals both Golden Bay-Motueka teams came out on top with Warnes' team of Giovanni Persico and Richard Verdonk winning the Open Triples while Ron Inglis, Rae Inglis and Ettie Wells won the Masters Triples.

Nigel Warnes who is the Deputy President of NZIB earned his Gold Star with wins in the Fours in 1986, 2000, 2003 and 2008 and now the triples 2017. What was so wonderful was that each of his team mates had contributed to the Gold Star. Richard Verdonk was in the 1986 and 2003 fours and Giovanni Persico was in the 2000 and 2008 teams.

In the final of the Open Triples Warnes got away to a great start to lead 5-1 after 4 ends. The sixth end saw Warnes holding the shot and while trying to tip a Rayner bowl out of the head unfortunately knocked it in for the shot to lead 5-2. Rayner closed the gap to 4-6 after eight ends but a single on the ninth and a kill on the tenth end saw Warnes go onto to win 10-6.

In the semifinals Rayner defeated David Archer, Joy Archer and Candace Andrew from the St Andrews Club, Waikato 11-4 and Warnes defeated Grant l'Ami, Mike Phipps and Lorraine Phipps from the South City Club, Tauranga 8-7 in a very close battle.

The Masters final saw Ron Inglis, Rae Inglis and Ettie Wells from the Lower Moutere Club, Golden Bay-Motueka defeat Dave Anngow, Marilyn Irvine and Rhonda Switalla from the St Pauls Club, Canterbury 12-4

Both Ron and Rae Inglis hold three National titles each. The triples in 1994 and 2000 and the Fours in 1984. They won the inaugural Masters pairs in 2015 and are both former New Zealand and South Island representatives.

In the semifinals Inglis defeated Henry Pratt, Bernard Bennett and Carolyn Pratt, Gate Pa Club, Tauranga 11-8 while Anngow defeated Ton Kaan, Bryan Sobey and Bev Sobey, Greenhithe Club, North Harbour 9-7.

In the final over 10 ends the game was even up until the sixth end when Anngow led 4-3. But a four to Inglis on the seventh end turned the game and they went on to win 12-4.

The defending champions Paul Smith, Keith Setter and Geoff Coughey did not qualify for post section play.

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Gold Star to Ashley Diamond

Ashley Diamond from Upper Hutt but playing out of the St Andrews Club, Waikato won his fifth national title to earn his Gold Star when he skipped his fours team of Paul Wright, Richard Caddy and Sheree Holmes to win the Open Fours at the Taupo Events Centre on Saturday.

This was the second Gold Star won at these Nationals with Nigel Warnes, Golden Bay-Motueka winning his in the Triples on Tuesday.

Diamond had previously won the Fours in 2007, Singles in 2014 and 2016 and the Pairs in 2011. Wright and Caddy won their second titles in five days after trying for many years to win their first. Holmes also won her second title. She has a Triples title from 2013.

Diamond and Holmes are New Zealand representatives and were members of the successful Mat Blacks Team that beat Australia in Sydney recently. Wright and Caddy were both named in the North Island team yesterday (Friday).

In the final over 10 ends they defeated another New Zealand representative Daniel French who combined with Michael Lawson, Matt Markham and Chris McAdam playing Rakaia Club, Ashburton 13-5. It was the second year in a row that Lawson and Markham had finished runners-up in this event.

The Masters Fours went to the South Island with Allan Gibson, Evelyn Duffield, Carol Dawson and Rana Bleeker from the Washdyke Club, South Canterbury defeating Northland's Kia Ward, Judy Johnston, Marcel Ruedi and Graeme Ward from Marist Hora Hora Club 9-5 in the final. The South Canterbury team led throughout in a closely contested final.

The semifinals in the Open Fours saw Diamond defeat the 2012 champions David Archer, Maureen Pruden, Joy Archer and Candace Andrew, St Andrews Club, Waikato 10-5 while French defeated Trevor Bourne, Sue Bourne, Michelle Watt and Kim Mahupuku, Cardiff Club, Taranaki 8-5.

In the semifinal between Diamond and Archer, Diamond got away to a great start to lead 5-1 after four ends. He led 8-5 after eight ends. On the ninth end he picked up another two and the final end was drawn to win 10-5.

The other semifinal between French and Bourne was very close with the scores 4-3 after six ends. French scored three on the seventh end and Bourne scored two singles to go into the final end 5-7. On this end French scored one to win the game 8-5.

In the Masters Fours semifinals Ward defeated Alan Reid, Neisha Hogg, Maree Bowen and Elaine Williams from Washdyke Club, South Canterbury 8-6 and Gibson defeated Barry Chisholm, Colin Nicholson, Sid Keane and Bev Chisholm, Putaruru Plaza, Tauranga 14-6.

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Academy Challenge Event & Northern v Southern Zone Masters

The South Island Academy Indoor Bowls team won the annual Academy Challenge event for the Sam Henderson Memorial Trophy against the South Island at the Taupo Events Centre on Wednesday 26-22. This is the second time the South has won, the first time was in 2008.

The event was held in conjunction with the annual Northern versus Southern Zone Masters event for the Delwyn Hughes Trophy which was won by the Northern Zone 31-17. The Southern Zone team included the South Island plus the greater Wellington districts.

Final Result: South Island 26, North Island 22;

Round 1: North Island 8, South Island 8;
Round 2: North Island 6, South Island 10;
Round 3: North Island 8, South Island 8.

Academy (Northern Names First):


Singles: Amber McNally, Waikato lost Caroline Braithwaite, Southland 7-12, 5-10, 6-11
Pairs: Debbie Reed, Tauranga, Lois Lamont, Poverty Bay lost Colleen Fenton, South Otago, Fiona Prosser, Golden Bay-Motueka 5-9, 6-12, 6-8
Triples: Kath Arvidson, Counties, Joy Archer, Waikato, Jacque Porter, Bay of Plenty drew Ruth Gould, South Canterbury, Kylie Gould, Canterbury, Christine Prattley, Canterbury 7-7, 6-8, 10-6
Fours: Lesley Monk, Waikato, Shelley Jacombs, Hutt Valley, Angela Leslie, Counties, Annelies Baker, Tauranga bt Rowena Mackenzie, Ashburton, Alison Third, Golden Bay-Motueka, Jan Lamb, Southland, Jacquie Williams, Otago 12-5, 7-11, 8-5


Singles: Richard Caddy, Waikato drew Mathew Bassett, Ashburton 9-9, 12-7, 7-9
Pairs: Mark Ridley, Sean Ridley, North Taranaki bt Ken Mackenzie, Brandon Williams, Otago 10-8, 12-5, 7-9
Triples: Robin Porter, Bay of Plenty, Kyle Waldron, North Wellington, Nash Smith, Tauranga lost Nigel Warnes, Golden Bay-Motueka, Giovanni Persico, Nelson, Warwick Gray, Southland 1-8, 4-8, 9-4
Fours: David Archer, Waikato, Paul Voorend, North Wellington, Colin Williams, Auckland, Jeff Stuart, North Wellington bt Chris Moffitt, South Otago, Steven Grant, Marlborough, Jeremy Markham, Canterbury, Adam Williams Otago 8-4, 14-2, 11-2

Masters (Northern Names First):

Final Result: Northern Zone 31, Southern Zone 17

Round 1: Northern Zone 12, Southern Zone 4;
Round 2: Northern Zone 7, Southern Zone 9;
Round 3: Northern Zone 12, Southern Zone 4.


Singles: Caroll Smyth, Auckland lost Ann Cottrell, Otago 15-8, 2-22, 10-11
Pairs: Judy Johnston, Northland, Janice Leighton, Wairarapa bt Jan Low, Linda Rayner, North Wellington 13-6, 5-9, 18-2
Triples: Sue Meyer, Manawatu, Margaret Fisk, Manawatu, Peg Jones, Thames Valley lost Rae Inglis, Golden Bay-Motueka, Marg Milne, Buller, Jenny Nordqvist, Ashburton 5-6, 5-9, 13-5
Fours: Kia Ward, Northland, Bronnie Read, North Taranaki, Alison Cowan, Tauranga, Delwyn Hughes, Bay of Plenty bt Kathryn Edgar, South Otago, Gail Severinsen, Evelyn Duffield, South Canterbury, Jean Stratford, Southland 7-3, 10-2, 12-3


Singles: Andrew Brunton, North Taranaki bt Kevin Anngow, South Canterbury 9-10, 11-7, 13-5
Pairs: Derek Bowman, Counties, Donald Leighton, Wairarapa bt Graham Low, Southland, Brian Hotton, Southland 11-5, 15-2, 9-7
Triples: Alister Wilson, North Taranaki, Brian Hardgrave, North Taranaki, Owen Griffiths, North Harbour drew Allan Gibson, South Canterbury, Martin Nordqvist, Ashburton, Lloyd Prattley, South Canterbury 11-8, 11-11, 8-12
Fours: Derek Owen, Bay of Plenty, Steve Mills, Waikato, Tim Jones, Thames Valley, Don Harris, Tauranga bt Graeme Chapman, Ashburton, Ron Inglis, Golden Bay-Motueka, Carl Jamieson, North Wellington, David Fenton, South Otago 10-3, 5-9, 13-1

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North & South Island Teams 2017 - South Island to tour North Island

The teams are:

North Island  
Singles: Maureen Pruden (WK)
Pairs: Gina Owen (BP), Rochelle Hastie (WK)
Triples: Jessie Moffat (NW), Lisa Gould (UV), Sue Bourne (TA)
Fours: Dale Rayner (NW), Jude Martin (BR), Jacque Porter (BP), Annelies Baker (TG)
Reserves: Sharon Peters (NH), Shelley Jacombs (HV)


Singles: Avon Compton (NW)
Pairs: Paul Wright (AK), Richard Caddy (WK)
Triples: David Archer (WK), Steve Fisher (AK), Alex Reed (AK)
Fours: Matthew Ellis (CS), Mark Ridley (NT), Tim Veale (MN), Sean Ridley (NT)
Reserves: Wayne Baker (TG), Joseph Zino (HV)


Captain: Matthew Ellis (CS)
Manager: David Lynn (PB)


South Island  
Singles: Caroline Braithwaite (SL)
Pairs: Ann Graham (CY), Jenny Eden (CY)
Triples: Alanna Preddy (SO), Marilyn Holmes (OT), Carolyn Cooper (SC)
Fours: Ann Cottrell (OT), Marie-Therese Hooper (CY), Kathryn Edgar (SO), Deanne Osborne (CY)
Reserves: Vanessa Tyson (CY), Stephne Joyce (OT)

Singles: Mike King (CY)
Pairs: James Sullivan (CY), Brandon Williams (OT)
Triples: Michael Lawson (AS), Brian Hotton (SL), Daniel Sinclair (OT)
Fours: Hayden Warnes (GB), Matt Markham (AS), Giovanni Persico (NN), Chris Moffitt (SO)
Reserves: Derek Cooper (SC), Nicholas Sinclair (OT)


Captain: Michael Lawson (AS)
Manager: Nigel Warnes (GB)