Indoor Bowls - a game for all



Taylor Mackenzie (Ashburton)
Niall Vincer (Auckland)
Matthew Farquhar (Bay of Plenty)
Katie-Rae Botica (Canterbury)
Jakeb White (Counties)
Hannah Marshall (Golden Bay-Motueka)
Emma Ludeman (Hawke's Bay)
Samuel Anderson (Horowhenua)
Jordan Keene (Hutt Valley)
Blair Gowan (Manawatu)
Kaleb Johnston (Nelson)
Ryan Vincent (North Taranaki)
Sean Renwandt (North Wellington)
Kerran Bellamy (Northland)
Arie Bloemsaat (Otago)
Matthew Foster (Poverty Bay)
Elikana Elikana (Roskill and Districts)
Caleb Anngow (South Canterbury)
Anna McCaughan (South Otago)
Amee Hope-Johnstone (Southland)
Nicole Bennett (Taranaki)
Anthony Ouellet (Tauranga)
Matthew Lansdaal (Thames Valley)
Alex Middleton (Waikato)



First round section play results:

Kaleb Johnston (Nelson) bt Katie-Rae Botica (Canterbury) 14-1
Nicole Bennett (Taranaki) bt Anna McGaughan (South Otago) 14-6
Samuel Anderson (Horowhenua) bt Kerran Bellamy (Northland) 17-5
Anthony Ouellet (Tauranga) bt Blair Gowan (Manawatu) 13-3
Taylor Mackenzie (Ashburton) bt Sean Renwandt (North Wellington) 9-8
Jordan Keene (Hutt Valley) bt Matthew Foster (Poverty Bay) 12-10
Emma Ludeman (Hawke's Bay) bt Alex Middleton (Waikato) 14-5
Caleb Anngow (South Canterbury) bt Amee Hope-Johnstone (Southland) 13-12
Jakeb White (Counties) bt Niall Vincer (Auckland) 12-10
Arie Bloemsaat (Otago) bt Ryan Vincent (North Taranaki) 12-8
Matthew Farquhar (Bay of Plenty) drew Matthew Lansdaal (Thames Valley) 7-7
Elikana Elikana (Roskill and Districts) bt Hannah Marshall (Golden Bay-Motueka) 15-10

Second round section play results:

Farquhar, BP bt Lansdaal, TV 16-1
Johnston, NN bt Elikana, RD 13-6
Bennett, TA bt Botica, CY 10-9
Anderson, HO bt McGaughan, SO 10-9
Gowan, MN bt Bellamy, NL 10-6
Ouellet, TG drew Renwandt, NW 9-9
Keene, HV bt Mackenzie, AS 9-7
Middleton WK bt Foster, PB 13-7
Ludeman HB bt Anngow SC 16-7
Vincer, AK bt Hope-Johnstone, SL 14-7
White, CS bt Bloemsaat, OT 18-5
Lansdaal, TV bt Vincent, NT 14-7

Third round section play results:

White, CS bt Lansdaal, TV 14-7
Vincent, NT drew Marshall, GB 11-11
Farquhar, BP bt Johnston, NN 10-7
Bennett, TA bt Elikana, RD 10-8
Anderson, HO bt Botica, CY 13-5
Gowan, MN bt McGaughan, SO 11-9
Renwandt, NW bt Bellamy, NL 15-7
Ouellet, TG bt Keene, HV 10-6
Middleton, WK bt Mackenzie, AS 11-10
Foster, PB bt Anngow, SL 13-9
Vincer, AK bt Ludeman, HB 14-9
Hope-Johnstone, SL bt Bloemsaat, OT 16-6

Fourth round section play results:

Ludeman, HB bt Bloemsaat, OT 10-7
Lansdaal, TV bt Hope-Johnstone, SL 10-9
White, CS bt Marshall, GB 13-8
Vincent, NT bt Johnston, NN 9-7
Bennett, TA bt Farquhar, BP 12-9
Anderson, HO bt Elikana, RD 19-2
Botica, CY drew Gowan, MN 7-7
Renwandt, NW bt McGaughan, SO 10-9
Keene, HV bt Bellamy, NL 13-5
Ouellet, TG bt Middleton, WK 10-9
Mackenzie, AS bt Anngow, SC 15-5
Foster, PB bt Vincer, AK 15-5

Qualfiers for the Main Event:

Nicole Bennett (TA), Sean Rennwandt (NW), Jordan Keene (HV), Sam Anderson (HO), Matthew Farquhar (BP), Emma Ludeman (HB), Anthony Ouellet (TG), Jakeb White (CO), Blair Gowan (MN)



Last 16:

Nicole Bennett (TA) bt Sean Rennwandt (NW) 12-6

Quarter Finals:

Jordan Keene (HV) bt Sam Anderson (HO) 11-7
Matthew Farquhar (BP) bt Emma Ludeman (HB) 15-7
Jakeb White (CO) bt Anthony Ouellet (TG) 16-9
Nicole Bennett (TA) bt Blair Gowan (MN) 12-7


Matthew Farquhar (BP) bt Jordan Keene (HV) 12-1
Jakeb White (CO) bt Nicole Bennett (TA) 11-10


Matthew Farquhar (BP) bt Jakeb White (CO) 10-8



Last 16:

Alex Middleton (WK) bt Arie Bloemsaat (OT) 10-6
Ryan Vincent (NT) bt Taylor Mackenzie (AS) 16-6
Matthew Lansdaal (TV) bt Anna McCaughan (SO) 18-3
Kerran Bellamy (NL) bt Caleb Anngow (SC) 11-8
Matthew Foster (PB) bt Niall Vincer (AK) 13-7
Katie-Rae Botica (CY) bt Elikana Elikana (RD) 11-6
Kaleb Johnston (NN) bt Amee Hope-Johnston (SL) 10-6

Quarter Finals:

Alex Middleton (WK) bt Hannah Marshall (GB) 14-6
Matthew Lansdaal (TV) bt Ryan Vincent (NT) 11-4
Matthew Foster (PB) bt Kerran Bellamy (NL) 18-8
Kaleb Johnston (NN) bt Katie-Rae Botica (CY) 13-7


Matthew Lansdaal (TV) bt Alex Middleton (WK) 13-6
Matthew Foster (PB) bt Kaleb Johnston (NN) 10-4


Matthew Lansdaal (TV) bt Matthew Foster (PB) 10-4


Wrap-up Summary

Matthew Farquhar wins NZ Junior Singles Championship

Bay of Plenty's Matthew Farquhar aged 16 from the Lake Taupo Club won the national final of the 40th New Zealand Indoor Bowls Junior Singles held on Saturday, at North Wellington Indoor Bowls Association Hall, Onepoto Domain, Titahi Bay, Wellington.

He is the fourth Bay of Plenty junior to win this prestigious title and follows in the footsteps of Shane Taare who won in 1984, Joseph Taare 1985 and Keri Te Tamaki in 2007.

This capped of an amazing year for Farquhar who had won the North Island Secondary Schools Singles and Pairs recently at Mount Maunganui and he was a reserve for the North Island Academy team, He has also had an excellent year for his district.

In the final over 12 ends he defeated Jakeb White aged 17 from Counties 10-8. He led throughout the final and although White came back strongly he held on to win the title.

In the semifinals Farquhar defeated Jordan Keene, Hutt Valley 12-1 while White defeated Nicole Bennett, Taranaki 11-10.

In section play Farquhar drew Matthew Lansdaal, Thames Valley 7-7, then beat Hannah Marshall, Golden Bay-Motueka 16-1, and Kaleb Johnston, Nelson 10-7 to qualify. He lost his fourth game to Nicole Bennett, Taranaki who lost to White in the semifinal 9-12.

The Morrison Plate for non-qualifiers was won by Matthew Lansdaal, Thames Valley (16) who defeated 13 year old Mathew Foster, Poverty Bay in the final 10-4.

24 districts entered the championship and 9 players qualified for post section play.