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AGM Minutes and Documents available

The minutes and other documents from the recent NZIB are available online here. They are all in PDF format, so easily readable PDF Reader

2015 AGM Minutes
2015 NZIB Annual Report
Notes from 2015 AGM Discussion Groups
Development Report from North Taranaki
Development Report from Waikato
December 2015 Executive Meeting Minutes

Henselite Singles Winner Found

Two of the heavy-weights of New Zealand indoor bowls fought out the final of the Henselite Champion of Champion Singles in Christchurch on Saturday night.

Seven-times national champion Grant Rayner of North Wellington was up against New Zealand singles player Ashley Diamond from Upper Hutt Valley.

Diamond, the holder of three national titles, including the singles in 2014, and a number of other titles, proved too strong for the North Wellington player and ran out the winner by 16 points to 3.

Welch Trophy Winner Found

North Taranaki have won the Welch Trophy, the symbol of Indoor Bowls district supremacy, in a close finish in Lower Hutt on Sunday morning.

Going into the final round of pairs, North Taranaki held a 1.5 point lead over Canterbury.

However while the northerners had three wins and a draw in the final pairs, Canterbury could only manage one win.

That gave the trophy to North Taranaki who finished with 108 points, to Canterbury's 99.

Waikato finished third on 89.5, Counties had 88.5, Upper Hutt Valley 82 and Otago 73.

The Welch Trophy is contested by two teams of four players from each district, all playing fours, singles and pairs.

The six districts competing had won their zone finals earlier in the season.

In the individual standings Grant l'Ami (North Taranaki) finished with 13 wins, Teri Anderson (Waikato) had 12 wins, Alister Wilson (North Taranaki ) had 11.5, Sean Ridley (North Taranaki) posted 11 wins and Mike King (Canterbury) had 10.5.

A little history of this win: This is North Taranaki's 4th Welch Trophy win, they previously won the event in 1980, 2012, and 2013.

Today's win gives Grant Harvey his Gold Star, having won twice with Manawatu in 1998 and 2000, and now three times with North Taranaki – 2012, 2013 and 2015.

The win also gave Aidan Zittersteijn a Welch Trophy Medal as the New Zealand Junior Singles Champion came in to the North Taranaki team to replace Lindsay Willis in the final session as he was unwell. Aidan is the youngest player to win a Welch Trophy medal – previously it was Shaun Blackbourn from Waikato who was 17 at the time.

If you want to see all the results, the link to the Google Spreadsheet is here:

or Click here to see the teams, progress scores and final results.

Secondary Schools Event

Singles winner found

Jonty Horwell from Logan Park High School in Dunedin is the 2015 winner of the New Zealand Secondary Schools Indoor Bowls singles championship.

In the final Horwell beat Jason Gray from Southland Boys High 12- 6. Horwell receives the gold medal and Gray the silver.

Caleb Hope from James Hargest High School, beat Anthony Ouellet, from Tauranga Boys College 9-7 in the playoff for the bronze medal.

Horwell, aged 16, who won the New Zealand Junior Singles last year, is a reserve in Otago's Paterson Trophy team.

In the semi-finals Gray beat Hope 10-5, and Horwell beat Ouellet 8-7.

The plate final saw Matthew Lansdaal from Matamata College defeat Mereani Solomona from Onehunga High 10-8.

Lansdaal beat Daniel Curtis from Feilding High 14-4 in one semi, and Solomona put out Stuart Rayner from Feilding High 8-5 in the other.

Singles Semi-Finals:

Gray 10, Hope 5
Horwell 8, Ouellet 7


Gold Medal: Jonty Horwell (Logan Park High) 12, Silver Medal - Jason Gray (Southland boys) 6

Third Place:

Bronze Medal: Caleb Hope (James Hargest High) 9, 4th place - Anthony Ouellet (Tauranga boys College) 7

PLATE Singles Semi-Finals:

Lansdaal 14, Curtis 4
Solomona 8, Rayner 5


Matthew Lansdaal (Matamata College) 10, Mereani Solomona (Onehunga High School) 8


Cameron and David Ellis from Timaru Boys High School have taken out the pairs at the New

Zealand Secondary Schools Indoor Bowls Championships at Titahi Bay.

They beat Nash Smith and Anthony Ouellet from Tauranga Boys High School 6-5 in the final, to collect the gold medal. Smith and Ouellet received Silver. The bronze medal went to Trevor Burgess and Jason Gray from Southland Boys High School.

In the semi-finals Smith and Ouellet beat Burgess and Gray 11-5, and The Ellises beat Jonty Horwell and Sean Hall (Logan Park) 14-6.

The plate went to Maximo Morrone and Lucas Aukuso (Newlands) who beat Jack Stewart and Tanith Potgeiter (Aotea) 7-6.

In the semis Stewart and Potgeiter beat Jack Walker and Finn Fairbrother (Taita) 11-6, and Morrone and Aukuso beat Dominico Kelekolio and Reece Edgecombe (Aotea) 11-8.


Nash Smith/Anthony Ouellet (Tauranga Boys) 11, Trevor Burgess/ Jason Gray (Southland boys) 5;
Cameron Ellis/ David Ellis (Timaru Boys) 14, Jonty Horwell/ Sean Hall (Logan Park) 6.


Gold Medal - Cameron Ellis/David Ellis (Timaru Boys) 6, Silver Medal - Nash Smith/Anthony Ouellet (Tauranga Boys) 5.

3rd Place:

Bronze Medal - Trevor Burgess/ Jason Gray (Southland Boys) 14, 4th Place Jonty Horwell/ Sean Hall (Logan Park High) 5.

Plate Pairs Semi Finals

Jack Stewart /Tanith Potgeiter (Aotea) 11, Jack Walker/Finn Fairbrother ((Taita) 6;
Maximo Morrone/ Lucas Aukuso (Newlands) 11, Dominic Kelekolio/Reece Edgecombe(Aotea) 8.


Maximo Morrone/ Lucas Aukuso (Newlands) 7, Jack Stewart/ Tanith Potgeiter (Aotea) 6.

Click here to go to the Secondary Schools event page for the details of who's competing, and all the results

Junior InterZone Teams

After the Junior singles, an event is held featuring the best players from each zone (as selected by chosen selectors), playing off in a 3 game series in Pairs, Triples & Fours.

Click here for the teams and results

NZ Junior Singles



Shaquaid Hihi (PB) 13 Melita Rose Bargh (WK) 12
Aidan Zittersteijn (NT) 13 Kaleb Johnston (NN) 7


Aidan Zittersteijn (NT) 9 Shaquaid Hihi (PB) 7

Plate Event:


Deltyn Scott (BP) 13 Mereani Joy Solomona (RD) 8
Jakeb White (CS) 15 Mesha White (AK) 7


Jakeb White (CS) 12 Deltyn Scott (BP) 6

Click here to go to the NZ Junior Singles page for the details of who competed, and the full results.

North v South Island Test Match

Total score result North 25 South 23

Go here to see the full weeks itinerary, all the match results and write ups.

Latest Code of Conduct available
The latest Code of Conduct has been released by the NZIB committee. It is intended to be abided by all participants in NZIB-run events. These events include NZ Championships, Island Championships, NZ Mixed Fours, Henselite Champion Singles, Junior Singles. As teams competing for the Welch Trophy have a District manager, it is strongly recommended that Districts adopt this policy to at least cover this event. This policy is also intended to apply to members of New Zealand and Island representative teams.

Anybody affected by this is strongly urged to read the CoC, and make sure they abide by it.

NZIB News - 2015 Law changes documents available online
The new law change documents have been released by the NZIB, which are available as an online PDF download.

The first document is the full Laws of the Game, and the second document is a 2 page document outlining the main changes.

Download the full Laws of the Game here
Download the 2-page change outline document here

New deal announced - Apex Car Rentals
The NZIB Committee has secured an ongoing deal with Apex Car Rentals, which will apply for all rentals from 1 April 2015. There are also special deals available for 4 specific cars, during the period of the 2015 Nationals. Click the image in the 'Special Discounts' area on the left hand side for a window to open with the exact details

NZIB Structure Discussion Document
The NZIB Committee has released a document that is intended to be viewed & discussed by all bowlers at all levels. You can bring this up at your local association level, or send your concerns directly to the NZIB committee. If you are a member of Facebook, there will also be a discussion held on the NZ Indoor Bowls page, where the document will also be available.

Download the Discussion Document here


2015 Nationals coverage. Watch this and lots more, supplied for you by Alex Reed, Press Reporter, Tauranga Indoor Bowls Association. Go there.

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