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Junior & Secondary Schools events

These are being held on the weekend of 26-28 August. You can view the players and event results on the following pages: Junior Singles; Secondary Schools Singles & Pairs

You can also view results online through the Google Sheet here

South Island Tour Results

South Island 30, North Wellington / Horowhenua 18
South Island 26, Hutt Valley 22
South Island 23, Upper Hutt Valley 25
South Island 29,
Wairarapa / Bush Ruahine 19
South Island 35, Wanganui 13
South Island 31, Manawatu 17
South Island 25, Hawke's Bay 23
South Island 31, Poverty Bay-East Coast 17
South Island 29, Bay of Plenty 19

Test Match: North v South

Round One North 4 Men's Pairs, Men's Fours, Ladies Singles, Ladies Fours
  South 4 Men's Singles, Men's Triples, Ladies Pairs, Ladies Triples


Round Two North 14 Ladies Singles (medal), Ladies Pairs (medal), Ladies Triples, Ladies Fours (medal), Mens Pairs (medal), Mens Triples, Mens Fours
  South 2 Mens Singles (medal)


Round Three North 10 Ladies Singles, Ladies Pairs (medal), Mens Singles, Mens Pairs
  South 6 Ladies Triples (medal), Mens Fours
  Drawn Ladies Fours, Men's Triples (South won medal on countback of ends)


Full Result: NORTH ISLAND 32, South Island 16

For the full breakdown of the tour results, go to the Inter-Island Tour page

Paterson Trophy Review

Auckland, Tauranga, North Taranaki, Upper Hutt Valley, Canterbury and Southland have won the six Paterson Trophy tournaments held around the country at the weekend.

North Taranaki and Upper Hutt Valley were the only districts to retain their Trophies.  They all go forward to compete in the Welch Trophy final in Hamilton on 1st to 3rd September in Hamilton. North Taranaki is defending the Welch Trophy.

Go to the Paterson Trophy page for the full round-by-round results

July Newsletter

The newsletter for July is now available for reading online here

Mixed Pairs & Fours Results

All the zones played their Mixed Pairs & Fours events this weekend. Here is a list of all the winners.

The National Finals will be held in Upper Hutt, on 16-17 September.

Zone Mixed Pairs Mixed Fours
North Is - Northern Auckland:
Colin Williams (s)
Jenny Stockford
Chris Watson (s)
Trudy Watson
Eddie McCarthy
Judy Bethel
North Is - Eastern Poverty Bay:
David Lynn (s)
Lois Lamont
Paul Smith (s)
Mike Phipps
Fiona Keegan
Lorraine Phipps
North Is - Western North Taranaki:
Grant l’Ami (s)
Michelle Watt
Trevor Bourne (s)
Sue Bourne
Arthur Podjursky
Bari Oliver
North Is - South Eastern Wairarapa:
Donald Leighton (s)
Janice Leighton
Bush Ruahine:
Jude Martin (s)
Grant Mainwaring
David Hawkins
Judy Duncan
North Is - Southern North Wellington:
Kyle Waldron (s)
Deborah Crook
Upper Hutt Valley:
Ashley Diamond (s)
Brandon Fuge
Lisa White
Sheree Holmes
South Is - North Western Marlborough:
Ken Wells (s)
Diana North
Lloyd Bellis (s)
Pete Hodson
Kay Forsyth
Rhonda Bellis
South Is - Eastern Ashburton:
Grant Wilson (s)
Chris Talbot
South Canterbury:
Derek Cooper (s)
David Mealings
Carolyn Cooper
Mary Mealings
South Is - Southern Southland:
Graham Low (s)
Jan Low
Daniel French (s)
David Webb
Lyn Rance
Jenny Cowan


2018 English Carpet Bowls Association 'Festival of Bowls'

Nomination forms are available to put your interest forward to be considered for selection for the Mat Blacks team to compete at the 2018 ECBA Festival of Bowls, as well as the World Championship of Carpet Bowls. The World Championship is scheduled to be held at the same time alongside the Festival, but it is a seperate event, to be played between International teams from England, Norway, Denmark and possibly also Australia & Sweden.

These need to be sent back to the Executive as soon as possible so they can make a decision as to the viability of sending a team (or more than one team) and to confirm the costs.

3 documents are available: The Nomination Form, the ECBA Festival Entry Form, and an ECBA Festival Information Flyer.

If you are interested, check all these documents out and then email them to Executive Member Ngaire Drake

Nomination Form

ECBA Festival Entry

ECBA Festival Information


Feedback for 2017 Nationals

We are seeking feedback, for both the Taupo District Council and for NZIB, about your stay in Taupo, what you did while you were here, what you enjoy about the Nationals, how do you think it could be improved, and how you feel about Taupo as a destination.

Please visit this link and fill out the online survey. Answers are confidential and will be used by NZIB for planning future events.


2017 National Championship Results


Open: Winner: Wayne Baker (Tauranga)
  R/Up: Steve Fisher (Auckland)
  3rd=: Daniel French (Otago)
    Cameron Mackay (Bush Ruahine)
Masters: Winner: Brian Hotton (Southland)
  R/Up: Lorraine Miedema (Thames Valley)
  3rd=: Gordon Hamilton (Tauranga)
    Bill Martin (Thames Valley)

Kath & S.E.N. Smith Trophy (Senior going the furtherest in the Open): Lloyd Bellis (Nelson)
Truth Cup for Woman going the furtherest: Denise Clarkson (Hutt Valley)
Cliff Thompson Trophy for Junior going the furtherest: Jakeb White (Counties)

Go here to see the full list of qualifiers and post section results for the Singles.


Open: Winner: Paul Wright, Richard Caddy (Waikato)
  R/Up: Paul Smith, Geoff Coughey (Tauranga)
  3rd=: Hayden Warnes, Jonathan Fenemor (Golden Bay / Motueka)
    Ashley Diamond, Sheree Holmes (Upper Hutt Valley)
Masters: Winners: Barry Clement, Moyra Hood (Tauranga)
  R/Up: Donald Leighton, Janice Leighton (Wairarapa)
  3rd=: Grant Hammond, June Wiley (Tauranga)
    Martin Nordqvist, Jenny Nordqvist (Ashburton)

Bob Malcolm Memorial Tray: John & Jacquie Williams (Otago)

Go here to see the full list of qualifiers and post section results for the Pairs.


Open: Winners: Nigel Warnes, Richard Verdonk, Giovanni Persico (Golden Bay/Motueka)
  R/Up: Grant Rayner, Paul Psaila, Teri Anderson (Auckland)
  3rd=: Grant l'Ami, Mike Phipps, Lorraine Phipps (Tauranga)
    David Archer, Joy Archer, Candace Andrew (Waikato)
Masters: Winner: Ron Inglis, Rae Inglis, Etty Wells (Golden Bay/Motueka)
  R/Up: Dave Anngow, Marilyn Irvine, Rhonda Switalla (Canterbury)
  3rd=: Ton Kaan, Bryan Sobey, Bev Sobey (North Harbour)
    Henry Pratt, Bernard Bennett, Carolyn Pratt (Tauranga)

Go here to see the full list of qualifiers and post section results for the Triples.


Open: Winner: Ashley Diamond, Paul Wright, Richard Caddy, Sheree Holmes (Waikato)
  R/Up: Daniel French, Michael Lawson, Matt Markham, Chris McAdam (Ashburton)
  3rd=: Trevor Bourne, Sue Bourne, Michelle Watt, Kim Mahupuku (Taranaki)
    David Archer, Maureen Pruden, Joy Archer, Candace Andrew (Waikato)
Masters: Winner: Allan Gibson, Evelyn Duffield, Carol Dawson, Rana Bleeker (South Canterbury)
  R/Up: Kia Ward, Judy Johnston, Marcel Ruedi, Graeme Ward (Northland)
  3rd=: Alan Reid, Neisha Hogg, Maree Bowen, Elaine Williams (South Canterbury)
    Barry Chisholm, Colin Nicholson, Sid Keane, Bev Chisholm (Tauranga)

Go here to see the full list of qualifiers and post section results for the Fours.

Island Teams announced

The North & South Island teams for 2017 have been named. Go to the press page here to see the full teams.

June Executive Minutes

The minutes from the latest Exec Meeting in June (and all previous meetings of course) are available here

South Island Championship results

These are just the results of the placegetters. Full results can be found here.


Winner: Ashley Diamond & Hayden Warnes
R/Up: Sheree Holmes & Nigel Warnes
3rd=: Gary & Graham Low
  David Philpott & Bev Diamond



Winner: Gary, Graham & Jan Low & Warwick Grey
R/Up: Grant Wilson, Mat Basset, Chris Moffitt, Alanna Preddy
3rd=: Grant Fortune, Brian Turner, Peter & Elaine Carnie
  Neville, Kylie & Ruth Gould & Debs Ruffell



Winner: Greg Edwards, Dave Watson & Coleen King (GB)
R/Up: Chris Mathews, Rob Osbourne & Neill Inglis (CY)
3rd=: Grant Fortune, Brian Turner & Warwick Gray
  Ashley Diamond, Hayden Warnes & Sheree Holmes (however Sheree left before the semi-final, and a local substitute was brought in - Brendan Higgins)


Players of the Tournament: Gary Low, Graham Low & Warwick Gray

Health & Safety guidelines available

The NZIB Event Health and Safety Plan Template had been distributed to districts and can be adapted for all your events. Those districts who own their hall must also have a plan for your building. Others who play elsewhere should have a copy of the venue plan.

A template for this important document is available here.

Trans-Tasman Test

The NZ Mat Blacks have won the Trans-Tasman International Indoor Bowls Test Match 41-25 to retain the Henselite Trophy in Sydney.

Go to the International page for the full wrap up, final scores & results.

Exec minutes from AGM & Annual Report

The minutes from the AGM & December meetings have been released, as well as the 2016 Annual Report. You can find all these documents here.

NZIB Umpires Exams - Model Questions & Answers

The Federation have released a paper that can be studied by people who are wanting to sit the exam to become an umpire, be it at Local or National level. It contains model questions and answers that may or may not be asked in the exams. Someone preparing for the exams would be well advised to take note and study what is inside this paper, as it will give them a much higher level of knowledge, thus a higher chance of passing.

Umpires Exam Papers Model Questions and Answers

Latest Code of Conduct available
The latest Code of Conduct has been released by the NZIB committee. It is intended to be abided by all participants in NZIB-run events. These events include NZ Championships, Island Championships, NZ Mixed Fours, Henselite Champion Singles, Junior Singles. As teams competing for the Welch Trophy have a District manager, it is strongly recommended that Districts adopt this policy to at least cover this event. This policy is also intended to apply to members of New Zealand and Island representative teams.

Anybody affected by this is strongly urged to read the CoC, and make sure they abide by it.

NZIB News - 2015 Law changes documents available online
The new law change documents have been released by the NZIB, which are available as an online PDF download.

The first document is the full Laws of the Game, and the second document is a 2 page document outlining the main changes.

Download the full Laws of the Game here
Download the 2-page change outline document here

New deal announced - Apex Car Rentals
The NZIB Committee has secured an ongoing deal with Apex Car Rentals, which will apply for all rentals from 1 April 2015. There are also special deals available for 4 specific cars, during the period of the 2015 Nationals. Click the image in the 'Special Discounts' area on the left hand side for a window to open with the exact details

NZIB Structure Discussion Document
The NZIB Committee has released a document that is intended to be viewed & discussed by all bowlers at all levels. You can bring this up at your local association level, or send your concerns directly to the NZIB committee. If you are a member of Facebook, there will also be a discussion held on the NZ Indoor Bowls page, where the document will also be available.

Download the Discussion Document here


2015 Nationals coverage. Watch this and lots more, supplied for you by Alex Reed, Press Reporter, Tauranga Indoor Bowls Association. Go there.

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