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June Newsletter & Meeting minutes

The latest Newsletter and meeting minutes are now available. Go to the Newsletters page or the Executive page for the documents.

2016 North & South Island Teams

The North and South Island indoor bowls selectors have made a few changes to their teams to meet in the annual clash for the Kevin Eddy Memorial Trophy at Christchurch in August.

With no international match this year both sets of selectors were free to bring back New Zealand players.

This has seen the dropping of several of last year's teams, and the repositioning of others. For instance three of the four singles players did not appear in those positions last year.

The biggest upset is the dropping of the North Island captain last year, Grant Harvey from North Taranaki, who was the North's men's singles player last year.

For the South one interesting selection is the positioning of Ashley Diamond, the New Zealand singles player, and who has just picked up his second national singles title at Mount Maunganui on Sunday. He has been chosen to skip the men's pair.

Those who've missed out on Island selection this year can take heart in the knowledge that those players chosen for the New Zealand team to play Australia next year will not be eligible for the Island teams.

See here for a PDF outlining the teams

2016 National Open Championships Results


WON BY: Ashley Diamond (Upper Hutt School, UV)

Master's Singles: Andrew Brunton (Merrilands, NT)

Kath & S.E.N. Smith Trophy (Senior going the furtherest in the Open): Lloyd Bellis (Stoke, NN)
Truth Cup for Woman going the furtherest: Teri Anderson (St Andrews, WK)
Cliff Thompson Trophy for Junior going the furtherest: Matthew Heads (Timaru Town & Country Club, SC)

Go here for full list of qualifiers and post-section results


WON BY: Grant L'Ami & Mike Phipps (South City, Tauranga)

Masters Pairs: Roger & Maureen Bartosh (Papamoa Sports, Tauranga)

Bob Malcolm Memorial Tray: Tim & Peg Jones (Whangamata, Thames Valley)

Go here for full list of qualifiers and post-section results


WON BY: Paul Smith, Geoff Coughey, Keith Setter (South City, Tauranga)

Masters Triples: Brian Hardgrave, Bari Oliver, Maureen Dravitzki (Merrilands, North Taranaki)

Go here for full list of qualifiers and post-section results


WON BY: Lloyd Bellis, Kath Arvidson, Rhonda Bellis, Debbie Warren (Stoke, Nelson)

Masters Fours: Andrew Brunton, Brian Hardgrave, Bari Oliver, Maureen Dravitzki (Merrilands, North Taranaki)

Go here for full list of qualifiers and post-section results

Player of the Tournament: Mike Phipps (South City, Tauranga)

2016 Academy & Masters final results

Academy: North Island 28, South Island 20
Masters: Northern Zone 30, Southern Zone 18

View all the final results for each discipline here

2016 South Island Champs Winners

Johnstone Electrical Pairs: Maurice Berkeley and Jenny Eden (Woolston WMC, CY)

Fours: Mike King (s), David Philpott, Marilyn Paterson, Vanessa Tyson (Hornby WMC, Canterbury)

Balclutha Subway Triples: Michael Lawson (s), Ken Mackenzie, Stephen Preddy (Rakaia, Ashburton)

Player of the Tournament: Ken MacKenzie, Ashburton

Post section results can be found here

NZIB Umpires Exams - Model Questions & Answers

The Federation have released a paper that can be studied by people who are wanting to sit the exam to become an umpire, be it at Local or National level. It contains model questions and answers that may or may not be asked in the exams. Someone preparing for the exams would be well advised to take note and study what is inside this paper, as it will give them a much higher level of knowledge, thus a higher chance of passing.

Umpires Exam Papers Model Questions and Answers

2016 Nationals

Some information has been made available for this years Nationals, which is being held in Mt Maunganui.

What is the Nationals? Advertisement Poster



2015 AGM Minutes and Documents available

The minutes and other documents from the recent NZIB are available online here. They are all in PDF format, so easily readable PDF Reader. Go to the Executive page for the online documents.

Latest Code of Conduct available
The latest Code of Conduct has been released by the NZIB committee. It is intended to be abided by all participants in NZIB-run events. These events include NZ Championships, Island Championships, NZ Mixed Fours, Henselite Champion Singles, Junior Singles. As teams competing for the Welch Trophy have a District manager, it is strongly recommended that Districts adopt this policy to at least cover this event. This policy is also intended to apply to members of New Zealand and Island representative teams.

Anybody affected by this is strongly urged to read the CoC, and make sure they abide by it.

NZIB News - 2015 Law changes documents available online
The new law change documents have been released by the NZIB, which are available as an online PDF download.

The first document is the full Laws of the Game, and the second document is a 2 page document outlining the main changes.

Download the full Laws of the Game here
Download the 2-page change outline document here

New deal announced - Apex Car Rentals
The NZIB Committee has secured an ongoing deal with Apex Car Rentals, which will apply for all rentals from 1 April 2015. There are also special deals available for 4 specific cars, during the period of the 2015 Nationals. Click the image in the 'Special Discounts' area on the left hand side for a window to open with the exact details

NZIB Structure Discussion Document
The NZIB Committee has released a document that is intended to be viewed & discussed by all bowlers at all levels. You can bring this up at your local association level, or send your concerns directly to the NZIB committee. If you are a member of Facebook, there will also be a discussion held on the NZ Indoor Bowls page, where the document will also be available.

Download the Discussion Document here


2015 Nationals coverage. Watch this and lots more, supplied for you by Alex Reed, Press Reporter, Tauranga Indoor Bowls Association. Go there.

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