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April Newsletter

The newsletter for April is now available for reading online here

2017 National Championships Taupo

This event is the flagship of our game so please encourage all club members to attend. Once they experience the fun and friendship they are sure to be converted and return. It is an open event for all bowlers especially now with the Masters and open grades. An added incentive this year will be the introduction of the Feature Game- every session the winners of a nominated game will have their entry fee refunded thanks to well-known bowler Kevin Boothby. All clubs should be receiving a poster and entry form from your District Secretary shortly or otherwise you can download it here. The closing date for entries is 21 April so get a group together and make your arrangements now.  Remember the Masters grade gives you the choice of which competition you wish to play in. They do have different entry forms so make sure you fill it in correctly.


March Newsletter

The newsletter for March is now available for reading online here

Exec minutes from February Executive Meeting

The minutes from the Exec Meeting in February (and all previous meetings of course are available here

Exec minutes from AGM & Annual Report

The minutes from the AGM & December meetings have been released, as well as the 2016 Annual Report. You can find all these documents here.

NZ Team named to play Australia in 2017

Two new caps have been named in the New Zealand Indoor Bowls team to defend the Henselite Trophy against Australia at the Mounties Club, 101 Meadows Rd, Mount Pritchard, Sydney next year.

The test will be played from Thursday 18 May to Saturday 20 May.

The new caps are Daniel French, Otago and Suzanne Mackie Southland.

Simon Thomas, Ashburton has been recalled to the Mat Blacks after being unavailable in 2015.

Eleven players from the 2015 successful Mat Blacks have retained their places. They are captain, Grant l'Ami (North Taranaki), Gary Low (Southland), Ashley Diamond (Upper Hutt Valley), Grant Rayner (North Wellington), Paul Smith and Fiona Wilson (Tauranga), Lois Randall and Denise Clarkson (Hutt Valley), Sheree Holmes (Upper Hutt Valley), Teri Anderson and Linda McCurdy (Waikato).

Those to miss out are John Zittersteijn (North Taranaki) Paul Wright (Auckland) and Maureen Pruden (Waikato).

Gina Owen (Bay of Plenty) who had to withdraw from the team last time because of an elbow injury following a fall on the eve of the test match has been named as the women's reserve and Michael Lawson, Ashburton, is the men's reserve for the fourth time.

Although the Mat Blacks won the test last time they lost all of the fours combinations, men's, women's and mixed and these have been changed.

Otago's Daniel French will be the lead in the men's four and triple and Southland's Suzanne Mackie will be the lead in the mixed four and women's pair.

French has come through the junior ranks and has represented the South Island eight times and he won the Inter-Island medal in the men's fours this year as the two.

Mackie has represented the South Island seventeen times and won the Inter-Island medal in the women's fours this year skipping the team.

Ashburton's Simon Thomas and a former captain has been recalled after being unavailable in 2015. He represents his country for the seventh time. He has nine Australasian titles. Men's Fours 2003, 2006, 2007; mixed (6-bowl) Pairs 2005, 2007, 2009, 2013 and Mixed Fours 2009, 2011. He will skip the men's four and triple.

His three is Gary Low with Grant Rayner as two and French leading in the fours and the triple combination is Thomas, Low and French. He skipped the successful South Island men's four this year.

Ashley Diamond, Upper Hutt Valley and Teri Anderson, Waikato will play the men's and women's singles again. Both won the Australasian medals in these events last time.

Diamond won the New Zealand Singles at the national championships this year, while Anderson won the Truth Cup which is awarded to the woman going the furthest.

Diamond will again combine with Upper Hutt Valley's Sheree Holmes in the mixed 8-bowl pairs and Anderson will lead for Grant Rayner, North Wellington in the mixed 6-bowl pairs.

Hutt Valley's Lois Randall will skip the women's four and triples again. This time she will combine with Waikato's Linda McCurdy as her three, Sheree Holmes as two and Denise Clarkson, Hutt Valley as the lead. The triples combination is Randall, McCurdy and Clarkson.

The team captain Grant l'Ami, North Taranaki will skip the mixed four and men's pair. His three is Paul Smith with Fiona Wilson as two and Suzanne Mackie leading. L'Ami and Smith combine to make up the men's pair and Wilson and Mackie the women's pair.

New Zealand, the defending titleholder, has won the Henselite Trophy sixteen times including eight tests in succession from 1993 to 2007 with the tests being held every two years alternating between each country. Australia has won on five occasions 1976, 1979, and 1991 and most recently in 2009 and 2011.

Fourteen players represent each country - seven men and seven women - who each play in two events each. The eleven events are the men's and women's singles, men's, women's and mixed fours, men's, women's, mixed 6-bowl and mixed 8-bowl pairs, and the men's and women's triples

The New Zealand team is:

Women: Teri Anderson (Waikato);
Men: Ashley Diamond (Upper Hutt Valley);

Women: Lois Randall (Hutt Valley), Linda McCurdy (Waikato), Sheree Holmes (Upper Hutt Valley), Denise Clarkson (Hutt Valley).
Men: Simon Thomas (Ashburton), Gary Low (Southland), Grant Rayner (North Wellington), Daniel French (Otago).
Mixed: Grant l'Ami (North Taranaki), Paul Smith (Tauranga), Fiona Wilson (Tauranga), Suzanne Mackie (Southland).

Women: Randall, McCurdy and Clarkson.
Men: Thomas, Low and French.

Women: Wilson and Mackie;
Men: l'Ami and Smith.
Mixed 6-bowl: Rayner and Anderson;
Mixed 8-bowl: Diamond and Holmes.

Reserves: Women: Gina Owen (Bay of Plenty); Michael Lawson (Ashburton).

Captain: Grant l'Ami, Vice Captain: Fiona Wilson.

Manager: Barry Chapman (Waikato).

NZIB Umpires Exams - Model Questions & Answers

The Federation have released a paper that can be studied by people who are wanting to sit the exam to become an umpire, be it at Local or National level. It contains model questions and answers that may or may not be asked in the exams. Someone preparing for the exams would be well advised to take note and study what is inside this paper, as it will give them a much higher level of knowledge, thus a higher chance of passing.

Umpires Exam Papers Model Questions and Answers

Latest Code of Conduct available
The latest Code of Conduct has been released by the NZIB committee. It is intended to be abided by all participants in NZIB-run events. These events include NZ Championships, Island Championships, NZ Mixed Fours, Henselite Champion Singles, Junior Singles. As teams competing for the Welch Trophy have a District manager, it is strongly recommended that Districts adopt this policy to at least cover this event. This policy is also intended to apply to members of New Zealand and Island representative teams.

Anybody affected by this is strongly urged to read the CoC, and make sure they abide by it.

NZIB News - 2015 Law changes documents available online
The new law change documents have been released by the NZIB, which are available as an online PDF download.

The first document is the full Laws of the Game, and the second document is a 2 page document outlining the main changes.

Download the full Laws of the Game here
Download the 2-page change outline document here

New deal announced - Apex Car Rentals
The NZIB Committee has secured an ongoing deal with Apex Car Rentals, which will apply for all rentals from 1 April 2015. There are also special deals available for 4 specific cars, during the period of the 2015 Nationals. Click the image in the 'Special Discounts' area on the left hand side for a window to open with the exact details

NZIB Structure Discussion Document
The NZIB Committee has released a document that is intended to be viewed & discussed by all bowlers at all levels. You can bring this up at your local association level, or send your concerns directly to the NZIB committee. If you are a member of Facebook, there will also be a discussion held on the NZ Indoor Bowls page, where the document will also be available.

Download the Discussion Document here


2015 Nationals coverage. Watch this and lots more, supplied for you by Alex Reed, Press Reporter, Tauranga Indoor Bowls Association. Go there.

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